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Year End 2014 Here and Another Year 2015 Coming

Year End

Another year is all but gone and all of our big dreams of what we were going to accomplish are gone as well. Looking back on 2014 have you accomplish all of your goals or dreams. If not then we need to ask ourselves were those dreams really dreams or goals that you could really accomplish or were they just pipe dreams, wishful thinking of things you thought you could accomplish. You know pipe dreams are dreams of things we know that they are impossible to attain or very impractical in the first place.

Now looking back at the beginning of the year 2014 when you told yourself that you were going to do better and achieve goals in your life and make that year the best year ever. Did you really look at or examanine those goals or dreams you wanted to attain and make sure that they were realist goals. Or did you sabotage yourself thinking that those new year resolutions or dreams could be attained. Sometimes we say things about want we want to achieve, but you never really analyze those beliefs or goals to see if they were truly attainable.

Did you know that dreaming is a thought process of a feeling of things in your sleep and not really things that we may actually achieve. But on the other hand dreaming is the beginning of a process where we can begin to believe and hope for whatever we are dreaming of that could be possible to achieved. But that dream has to be realist to begin with. Not some pipe dream we know that we cannot achieve. For those who have had an outstanding 2014 and achieved all of your dreams and goals I applaud you, because you can be a beacon for those who have not achieve their dreams and goals to continue to fight for something better in 2015.

2015 is a few days away almost everyone all over the world is going to be feeling good about themselves celebrating the new year and making new year resolutions as to things they want or feel they can achieve. To achieve those new year resolutions you are going to have to have a goal, plan and most importantly you are going to have to be persistent and true to the plan. Some days working your plan are going to better and some days are going to be worst than others days, but the most important thing you have to have is an attitude of not giving up when things get difficult and this is what makes you a winner.

Have you read somewhere in the past in a motivational book or paper or magazine of people who have achieve their goals and a level of success that you want to achieve is that they continue to work their plan even in complicated or thorny situations. They kept going because they believe in the plan, they believe in what they were doing and most of all they believe that they could achieve the goal they set out to achieve when they started the plan.

So when things get tough the tough get going, we all heard to this old saying before and it is meant to motivate us to kept pushing forward to achieve those goals that we set for ourselves. If you begin to feel down or bad about a problem or situation look to speak to someone who could give you good advice as to how to go about improving the situation. Stay away from negative people, because they only want to kept you down in the same position as they are. You want to be around winners, because winning rubs off on everyone who are playing the game to achieve something in life.

So look to be around life winners and remove all of those negative people from around you because they are losers and losers never get anywhere. Look for positive peopleand people trying to achieve the same things that you are trying to achieve. Let's make this coming year 2015 one of our best years ever. Good luck to everyone who are trying to make things happen in this game of life.


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