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Yadda Yadda Yadda

Everyone is taking but nobody saying nothing and we do not hear nothing, because of what you are saying is Yadda Yadda Yadda. with the invention of the internet the whole world has a voice and everyone has an opinion including me. But what are we really saying? Are we giving the people information that is relevant to their situation to make their life any better or are we just a big old wipe pipe blowing Yadda Yadda Yadda. Politicians are good at talking allot and making all kinds of speeches and promises to us about this issue or that particular issue and then at the end of the day does anything really happen or change for the better.

The internet gave the little guy an opportunity to have a voice finally to say something constructed when it first began, then all of a sudden big corporation figure out the power of the internet and our voices have became somewhat intertwine with big business and then we started making those same promises as politicians and big business.

How can we have a real voice and make an impact on today's society and make a real contribution to have we live today. We have some major infrastructure issues today that need to have a solution as to have we can create solution to these issues. The only issue that we hear about today is that we do not have enough money or revenue to handle these problems. The only solution that we hear from the Politian's is to tax and tax the people for more money.

When they get the money the major of the money is use for administration costs and some of the money is diverted to others issues that is was not meant to be use. All the money that they should have in those coffers should have been more than enough to solve or have an impact on allot of problems or issues, but the money was wasted on foolish pet projects and events of those who were in charge. When things do not go as planned they want to blame the people for not getting involved in the process of letting their voices be heard.

We all have heard the saying that the people need to get involved in the process for real change to occur. Let your voices be heard with your vote, so get out the vote and make real change possible by voting. With your vote you are speaking loud and clear and making a stand on issues that matter to you and others. Vote they say vote, because this is the only way to make things happen then you won't be screaming or yelling Yadda Yadda Yadda.

How do you get involved in the process do you join some type of politico group or do you start your own group who probably have the same interest or issues or concerns that you have. Everyone has an opinion about some issue that they truly believe in and would love to make a contribution towards making a change. The internet is a very good place to let your voice be heard, because you can create a website, blog and join others who would love being heard. So you can get involved in the process of talking and letting your voice be heard and truly saying something and not just Yadda Yadda Yadda.


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