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Women and Men Relationships

Relationship between men and women is a delicate balance or unsteadiness as to who will be the leader and who will be the follower. In every relationship whether human or in the animal kingdom there is someone who is leading and the other partner(s)s or players are followers following that lead. In a relationship those who choose to follow the leader have to be willing participant(s) in this relationship.

There is a cliche's that states "too many Chiefs and not enough Indians" will this applies to relationships as well. Someone has to be the big Chief and the other person the Indian. There should be a discussions as to which role either person is willing to fill. When you have two Chiefs or bosses you are going to have this pull against the other for authority. If there is no agreement between the two parties then this relationship will start to fracture and break apart.

As I have stated many times that in any relationship there must be an understandings of how this relationship should be conducted between the two parties. You should sit down with one another or a third party if needed to discuss what you expect from each other and what you will or will not tolerate from the other party in your relationship. A honest discussion as to who is the leader and follower should be discussed. I know some maybe laughing saying why would you need to or have a discussion as to who is the leader in the relationship.

Most people assume that the other party in the relationship should know who is the leader. Do they really know who is the leader and who is the follower? Or is it you are assuming they should know, because you make more money, or because they are living with you or because they are afraid to stand up or speak up to you and express their feelings. Just because someone does not complain or because you are providing money, clothing, housing and all of their securities, your partner may not be 100% following your lead.

When I was in college I had this college professor who would all the time advised us to make a strong effort to confirm the feelings of the other person and not assume. What that means is that you do not assume someone is feeling well by looking at them. You have to ask them are they feeling well to really know that they are feeling well. In your relationships do not assume anything.

Before getting into a relationship you should not take anything lightly or for granted. Do not believe that you can change someone feelings about liking or not liking anything while you are in a relationship. People believe that when I get that person in the relationship I can get them to change the way they feel.

If you are into having sex 6 times a week, then you better get someone who likes having sex 6 times a week. If that person does not like sex before you got into a relationship with them, believe me, just because you are now in a relationship with them is going to get them to like sex any better than they did before the relationship. You will have heart ache and plenty of nights of frustrations. So talk to the other party about your relationships before you get into a relationship.

Discuss everything and not assume as to where the other party in the relationship stands on any giving subject. If you get their input and whether that input is negative or positive you will be happier for it. Good Luck with all of your relationships.

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