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Women Want Men

Women and Men what's it all about, I know that the supreme being made women and stated that her desires would be toward men, because of what Eve had done in the Garden of Eden. As we all know if you look back throughout the beginning of man, women have been look upon as property of men. When Roman was ruling many kingdoms the men had the power to control the women to the point of killing her if he so desired.

Then came English Common law which gave men control of the woman when they were married. The women was totally controlled by her husband he was in charge of her life to the point of everything that she did daily and everything she owned was her husband. If the woman had some type of dowry before she was married that would be the only thing she could get back in a divorce. Though-out our existence as men and women there has been a struggle between them as to who should submit to who and who is in charge.

Now is men and women existence based upon love or because of the woman early mistake that she desires to have a man in their life. Love and desire are two different words and they are both powerful words. Do we really understand what love is and what desire is or do we confuse the two as being the same thing.

To love someone you have to have a emotional attachment for that person. Someone who could affect the way you feel about them such as; being joyful, sorrowful, hate, fear etc. You will feel something in your inner being as to being committed or emotional toward that person.

Now to have a desire for someone you will wish for or make a request to have that person, but is this love? To wish for something you really do not have a great emotional attachment to because a wish is something that may or may not happen. So if the wish did not happen or come true it would be no big deal, if you attained it or not, you have no emotional commitment. But on the other hand, if you loved something you have a emotional commitment and all kinds of emotional feelings in your heart and in the pit of your stomach. I guarantee you will feel emotional about that person, because you will feel either happy or sad if something does not happen.

I believe we all want to be loved or desired by someone. Being loved or desired is in our DNA as being human. But you have to defined which one is worthy of your acceptance love or desire. Remember love and desire are two different emotions that I believed are being confused with each other and that is where women and men are getting in a whole lot of trouble.

People looking for love and they confused the other person attention or advances as desires. Love and Desire are very powerful words and they need to be defined before you get into a relationship as to what you are looking for love or desire.

If you will define each and every relationship before you are committed into one, you will keep yourself out of a life time of pain and sorrow. A new year is ahead us in the next few days I hope the best for everyone. Also I hope that all your relationships bring you what you want and that is either love or desire, remember you make the choice. Good Luck.


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