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Why Do Women Want Men?

Why do women want men? Is it because your parents told you, that this is what women must do to be normal like every other women in the world. What makes the attraction between women and men so great, that some women will go through all kinds of frustrations to have men in their life? For women to feel complete, do they need to have men in their life?

Before you were born there was this place, called the Garden of Eden, where a man was given authority over the garden to keep it and make it look good. The Garden of Eden was a nice place to hang out. But for whatever reason, something happen, in the garden, may be the work may have become too difficult for the man to do alone, or may be he was sad, because no one else was around, to help with all the work, that he need to do.

Whatever the reason's were,may be too much work or because the man was lonely, the supreme being decided to give him a helper to help him maintain the Garden of Eden. The supreme being put the man to sleep and remove one of his ribs and made woman.

At this particular time, while in the Garden of Eden, the woman was to be a helper to the man, to help him maintain the Garden of Eden. The supreme being had given both of them a direct order of things they can and cannot do while they maintained the Garden of Eden. But some how the woman, violated one of those commands and ate something, she was instructed not to do.

So the supreme being became angry with both of them, but because the woman committed this violation first, the supreme being stated that from this day on until the end of her life, her desires would be toward man. The woman would have a attraction towards man, and his needs. Now thousands of years later.

This physical attraction, women wanting or needing men in their life was, because of that violation, Eve committed. I know that there are going to be women who believe, that this is nonsense and that they do not need men in their life or lives. They will make statements that they can do everything men can do and are better at some things than men are. This may be true of women, but their reasoning, still does not explain why women have this attraction for men? It only explains that women are better at somethings than some men.

If women truly look back towards the Garden of Eden, Eve eating of the forbidden tree, this one event, may or should convince them, that this is the reason. What other reasons, would women, have an attraction for or towards men. I know that women today, their opinions would vary greatly, why women feel that they need men. So I would like to have your opinion on this subject.

Article written by MB Hayes5

I hope you found this article interesting and if you want to have more frank discussion about women want men.

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