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Why Do Men Cheat

Why do men cheat? That's a very good questions as to why do men cheat. Um let me think for a few minutes and see if I could come up with some answers as to why do men cheat. First let's examine the word cheat. To cheat you have to be dishonest, swindle, take advantage, defraud, lie, break some type of rule. Now this is what to cheat is all about. What about cheating in a relationship. Is your significant other being dishonest, taking advantage of you or did you significant other break a rule that both of you had agreed to. Before you accuse someone of cheating make sure you know in your heart that they cheated.

Don't assume or think maybe or guess or listen to your friends that your significant other has cheated on you. You and you alone have to see with your own eyes and completely believe in your heart of hearts that this is what your significant other has done cheated on you.

When you are in a relationship with a person that you have me for the first time and you are trying to get to know them intimately, please don't assume you are the only one that they may be involved with and that should go both ways that there maybe someone else. If not then great that no one else is involved then you have a clean slate to work with. Most people assume that they are the only one and get hurt when they find out that he was already having a relationship with another person.

There is a saying verify and then verify again that this person you have just met is not involve with another person. Verifying at the beginning will alleviate a life time of heart ache before you get involved with this person. People are so in a hurry to be get into a relationship that they jump right into a relationship with some they just met with their heart and do not want to believe with their own eyes that this person is in another relationship before they met you.

So why do men cheat? Men could probably cheat for many different reasons, but are those legitimate reasons. Men could cheat for different reason such as;
  • not being committed to the relationship
  • peer pressure from his male friends about having many different women
  • because you withheld sex from him the other night or day
  • you use sex as a weapon
  • you use sex as a reward
  • they want out of the relationship
  • you are not a clean women ( personal hygiene and or your home is dirty)
  • he wants sex every night and you don't
  • he wants anal or oral sex or both and you don't
  • you talk too much or you don't talk at all
  • you don't look attractive as you were before
  • you gain or loss too much weight
  • your relationship was based on sex and he is tired of having sex with you
  • he likes being pursued by other women
  • other women and giving him sex - most men will not turn down free sex

There are many other reasons men could cheat but are they really legitimate reasons for a man to want to cheat. You have to be the judge of those reasons while you are in that relationship.

A lot of people would like to know is there a secret as to why do men cheat. It's no secret as to why do men cheat, but are there real reasons as to why do men cheat on their supposed significant others. Men as well as women love to be in a committed relationship, but when you say committed relationship what are you committing to. There has to be defined criteria or rules as to what this commitment should or should not be in terms of your relationship and commitment. People go into relationships with their eyes blinded to the fact that some people are more committed in a relationship than others. Men or women will cheat if you do not set standards as to how their relationship is going to function.

If you go into a relationship telling each other that you are not placing any restrictions on their behavior in this relationship then you are looking for and asking for major problems. If there are no restrictions or guide lines in anything you get involved with then people are going to go beyond what you may feel is appropriate.

Let's say in your mind you told yourself a thousand times that you hope you significant other will not do anything wrong like getting involved with someone else while they are in a relationship with you. But you have not voiced your opinion one way or the other. People like to play on the fringes or edges of what is right and wrong and test your resolve to see where you will let them go beyond that limit. At that point when you have a complaint about their behavior, they will respond and say I did not know I could not do that because you never said anything either way. So set rules or guidelines that you are acceptable with and be firm and committed to those rules. Don't be a sucker

Human nature is funny in that people would say I love my freedoms to do whenever and whatever I want without too many limitations. Then they turn right around in a 360 degree and say if you would have shown me some attention I would know that you care and would do better. People like barriers put on them so they know where your limitations are and to keep them in check. People want their partners to be committed to the relationship, and to do that you will have to show or express yourself emotionally to that person. You have to be all in or not in at all.

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