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Why Bully Stop It!

Why Bully Stop It, there too many young and older adults who like to put fear into other people, causing them anguish, misery for no other reason, just so that they can feel strong, empowered in their own eyes. You need to raise your self esteem, picking on others, who you feel are weaker than yourself. The question for you, is why bully? Why do you feel, you must cause people harm or hurt? Is there some underlining sociological or physiological or psychological issue or problem that you are facing, that you are afraid to face that causes you act out in a way that is not natural.

The behavior that you are demonstrating is not a natural behavior, that one is born with. No one is born mean or evil. Somehow different individuals start early in life having problems, demonstrating sociological or physiological or psychological characteristics, of being mean or evil, this could be a cause, that they grow into becoming bullies. Our society has had many years to perfect, how bullying behavior takes place, through our movies, television shows. Other times people learn, this behavior from our family, and friends.

Our entertainment shows we honor, praises violence in our society all day long, showing scenes such as; how to bully someone, robbery, murder, stabbings and rapes. Then we try to teach or instruct our kids, to do what you say, and not as you behave, giving them mixed directions and teaching. There are families that, are not teaching their kids at all, they allow the neighborhood and their kid's friends to teach them, showing your child how to behave, grow up without any parental direction or teaching.

These kids learn from other kids that they hang-out with. If kids are learning from their peer group, there's only one place that this will lead to, that is destruction, harm to themselves or harm to others, bullying taken place. Parents, who have a hands off approach of instructing their kids, letting others kids, do the teaching, are letting the blind lead the blind, they all will at some point if not corrected, fall into that proverbial ditch and will be lost to the justice system.

If there are no underlining sociological or physiological or psychological issue or problem with your kids growth, most kids play follow the leader and do as their parents do or behave as their parents behave. They see with their very own eyes, how to become a bully, if this is all they are watching, they will mimic that behavior good or bad. Bullies, are not born at birth, being a bully is a behavior that is learned over a period of not days, weeks, but months, and over a period of years, this is how a bully is created. If this bullying behavior is not corrected, handle now, our nation which has already and will continue to experience devastating and deadly consequences.

Now in the 21st Century we have more outside influences such as; schools, television, movies, Face book, Twitter, Pinterst, Instagram and internet games these things are inundating and fighting for our kids minds, not only the kids minds, but the adults minds as well. You must teach your kids that just because they maybe the smartest, prettiest or strongest kid, that they should not take advantage of or make fun of the not so pretty, or not so smart or weakness kid. If anything teach your kids that they can be of assistance to those that are less fortunate than they are.

Children are trying to found their way in this world and they are looking for help from those who are in authority to give them directions. The majority of kids do not know how to act towards others, so they look to their parents and other adults to instruct them. Encourage and up lift the spirits of those others kids and become a role model to them as well. Tell your kids that being a bully is not a good thing and it only can do them harm, as well as others, who they are taking advantage of. So please as adults speak to your kids about being a bully and the affects and effects that it has on your families and society.

Stop The Bullying Stop It


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