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What's Up In The World

What's up in the world as we know it? There is so much going on and no one seems to really have a handle on what up in the world today. Why is it that there seems to be no one who has any idea as to what is happening. You have politician telling us that everything is going great so that they can get elected into office again, but they will leave out the truth because it's bad news.

Sometimes we need to hear the bad news, so that maybe just maybe we will wake up and start smelling the coffee. What's up in the world is that we are having way too much killings, murders, robberies, muggings, rapes and all sort of mayhem happening, almost on a daily basis. People are fed up with the social ills of this way of life and they are taking their frustrations out on everyone else. No one wants to exam their inner self or look into the mirror to see if they are the problem themselves.

The majority will point a finger at the other guy and say that the underlining problem or issue is that person or this person. There was a time when people were looking out for the welfare of others, neighbors would look after each others children if they were playing in the street or if they saw your kid out in the neighborhood.

If you did something wrong someone was watching and they would let your parents know what you did before you made it back home. Not any more do you have these kind of neighbors looking out for the other. They say they have a neighborhood watch, but the only watching that is going on is someone watching your home to see what they can steal from your home when you are out of the house.

What's up in the world back in 1983 the movie Scarface starring Al Pacino portrayed that excess was the rule of the day and that you can lie, steal and kill to get to where you wanted to go, any means necessary and with no worries. You only had to worry about yourself, and everything else did not matter, because if they are not with you, then they are against you and you take what you want.

Also Michael Douglasin the movie Wallstreet in 1987 made the most famous statement of all and I know everyone knows it at heart, so I quote "Greed Is Good" it was as if he had released or help remove a anchor that was hanging around everyone's neck and you were free to do whatever your heart desire. I think people felt like now I'm free to look out for me and not have to feel guilty if I take advantage of the other guy, because now everyone is for themselves. It was as if people who took advantage of you, were saying if you are not smart enough to realize what I'm doing to you, then you got a problem and too bad for you, but great for me, because I've out smarted you, you dummy.

Ever since these two movies in the 1980's the sentiment towards your fellow man in the United States has been everyone for themselves and screw the other guy. I've got mine piece of the proverbial pie and you need to get piece of the pie. If you don't or unwilling to get your piece of the pie I will take your piece as well. This is what's up in the world.


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