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Weight Loss

Weight Loss does anyone really know how you should lose weight or is it a scam for the major corporations to make money. Now that more and more people are overweight in American the heath care services and big business have seem nothing but profits in getting in this weight loss industry. Do they really care if Americans lose weight, or is it about making profits on you buying all of their gimmicks having you think that they are trying to help you lose weight. You have every supposed to be weight loss guru chiming in on how you can lose weight with their magic products. Telling you to buy this and buy that product, do these products work or they just an illusion making you think you are losing weight.

These companies use actors, actress, and sports figures to sell you on the next big thing in weight loss. They say look at me I loss this amount of weight with this program or that program pitching these products for a piece of the profits. Do they really care if you lose weight or not, they're main objective is to keep you purchasing their products. What happens when you run out of money purchasing their products, do they send a legitimate program to follow to truly lose weight, because this is what Americans need a real program that instructs you on losing weight for a life time and not some fad that will come and go that was based upon gimmicks.

Weight loss is a really big problem for a lot of Americans and we need to learn how to eat, exercise and purchase the correct foods that will help to maintain your weight loss, not for a few months, but for a life time. Losing weight you need to change your mind frame or mental thinking, because this is where it all begins mentally.

As in the movie, "Cool Hand Luke" starring "Paul Newman " was a great actor. Paul would keep trying to escape prison, breaking out and getting caught. So the warden have him dig a hole in the ground to remove the dirt from the warden's hole. So when the dirt was out of the hole, they would asked Luke, why is this dirt in my yard? He did that a few times until they broke his will and he stated that "I've got my mind right boss."

Losing weight you have to get your mind right towards losing weight, making sure this is what you want to do and not because someone else told you to lose weight. Asked yourself do I want to lose weight? If your answer is yes, then you will have a better chance at losing weight. Then you are losing weight for yourself and this is the beginning to losing and keeping weight off for good. Losing weight is simple, but not easy, it is a challenge that has beaten many others who have tried to win the battle against weight gain.

So before you begin the quest of losing weight, the first thing you should do, as I have stated early "is to get your mind right, about the task of losing weight" then your chances of succeeding is much greater.


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