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United States of America

United States of America the home of the brave and the land of the free. What does the four words "United States of America" mean. We listen, here and read that United States of America stand for freedom and liberty. Many wars been fought and many lives lost because of what the United States of America represent. Have you truly taken a moment and looked at and read the words "United States of America" what do they really mean to you as a citizens of this great Nation.

People pledge allegiance to the United States of America, do they really know why they pledge allegiance for what purpose or cause. Are the people only the one's pledging allegiance to this country, or does the country United States of America give or pledge their allegiance to the people in return as well. When you live, work here in this country you have the freedoms and liberties that United States of America provide. You pay a small price for those freedoms and or liberties which is your income taxes or you give your services to the country when you join the military. This income tax money or revenue provide services states and cities and for those people living in this country who are under privileged and or destitute.

We're going to take a look at what does it mean United States of America.
United States of America;
First word is "United" which means;
we are together, joined together for the same purpose, all in the same boat and facing the same predicament or problem. Now take a look around where you live and asked yourself this question, are we all united together for the same purpose or are we as a nation going in separate ways. Is it everyone for themselves and god for us all.

Second word is "States" which means;
a particular condition or state of being. State also means that we are organized together as one particular government or state has people who live there on a daily basis or area or territory or land and has sovereignty or state as related to a condition or form or to state is to express yourself in a form of writing or speech.

Now the first two words of United States means;
that we are together and that we are in a form or condition or to express ourselves in writing or speech. So far so good that the first two words United and States relate to each other and this is how our country is suppose to jell together. Well now let's take a look at the third word which is "of".

Third word is "of" which means;
a relationship between two expressions or items. So we have United and States which we can see that there is an relationship of being united together and in a form of being or state of being. So the three words "United States of" come together to have a meaning. Now let's take a look at the fourth word which is America.

Fourth word is "America" which means;
which means discovery of the "New World or Novus Mundus" also related to English speaking people. There seems to be a consensus as to how the word America was originated from a person named Amerigo Vespucci. I'm not trying to debate here who or who didn't discover America, because from what we now know it was not Vespucci or Christopher Columbus they did not.

I only wanted to mention how America got its name from Amerigo Vespucci. History as some people define it as "his story", history is always changing. As you know there is only one exact science of all the science and that is math. We know that 2 + 2=4, it can't be 3 or 5 it is 4. Other sciences change such as history, but math remains the same. So to really challenge people regarding history is futile, because events change all the time.

United States of America consisting of 50 states and the district of Columbia was founded in 1776 when 13 colonies broke away from British rule. At that they declared the Declaration of Independence it was formed at that time.

During this time in our country there has always been fighting against others and ourselves. Some individuals that wanted to be separate and others that wanted to united and join together as one nation. The civil war where the north and the south fought to remain a separate country. The north wanted to move away from slavery towards industry and the south where they wanted to maintain the status quo of slavery, because of their big huge farm areas needing slave workers. But America was moving away from slavery altogether and the north prevailed and others parts of the country join together to form a more perfect union of United States of America.

Now that we have a better understanding of the meanings of the four words "United States of America". United States of America means a group of people who are joined together in a state of being of 50 states and each state having their own land, area, territory and sovereignty in a country or nation called America.

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