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Tiger Woods Gone....

Tiger Woods Gone...

Tiger Woods game is gone. Where oh! Where has Tiger Woods game gone, where oh where can he be? Tiger where are you and your game? The golfing profession is looking for him and he seems to come and go just like a chameleon changes. Tiger has pulled out of another golfing event because he believes that his game is not ready for prime time at this moment in his career. Tiger is 39 years old and I believe he is past his prime. Tiger is not working on the up slope of his professional golfing career, he is more into the downward slope of finishing up a great and probably brilliant career in professional golf.

Tiger's problems started in what I think in 2009 later in the year when he started to have martial issues. It's been seven years since Tiger have won a major event, and that major that he won was the U.S. Open in 2008. Is it a coincidence that his golfing game began to suffer when he was having possible marriage issues. At that time he was in the latter half of his prime. After he and Elin Nordegren have finalized their divorce Tigers' game has been in complete shambles.

Mr. Woods have been trying to find that mojo that he had when he first entered into and took the golfing world by storm. He has been trying everything that a professional player of any sport would try to overcome your problems whatever they could be. You go back to the drawing board and analyze you game, break your game down to the elementary elements to correct what is ailing your game.

Some times when you have completed a total over haul of your game and things do not seem to be working out as plan you start to questions your actions. At that time or moment you have to start trusting the process of the things or items you have work on and change. You have to truly believe in the process that you have just went through and believe that it works.

The last 8 to 10 events that Tiger has entered he has either not made the cut or he has withdrawn for the event all together. Tiger has stated that he has not been healthy and this could be some of the reason that he has not played well in some of the events he has entered. Staying healthy is major issue in any professional or amateur sport, because then you do not have to compensate on other parts of your body and create added pressure on joints that should not be involved in the maneuvers.

When you compensate for injured body areas, you put added pressures on healthy parts of your body then you start to damage those areas as well and then all parts of your body begin to break down creating more problems and longer rehabilitation.

Once Tiger is completely healthy he needs to trust the process of all the work and changes he has made to his golfing game. He has done the physical work, now he has to be 100% totally committed to his game mentally. He has to be mental tuff even when things do not like good at times you want to question yourself did I do enough or did I do that right. So times just going out and playing the game and having fun is all you need to do. Take the seriousness out of the game and just have fun.

Hopefully this is all Tiger has to do is to have fun and then we can put to rest, Where oh, Where has Tiger Woods have Gone. Oh where, Oh where could he be? Tiger could have the final say and that is, " I'm back."


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