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Talk About Nothing

Today I'm going to talk about nothing regarding many different issues that affect each and every one of us in some form or fashion. The economy is humming along for those who seem to have money or a very good paying job, but for others of us we seem to be stuck in the mud going nowhere really fast. Gas prices were going down for the first time and many of years because we seem to have excess of oil all over the place. Somehow we are falling all over ourselves with oil. Where did this oil come from? Did we find a magical oil field that we were not producing from that we did not know anything about or did other counties feel bad for old USA and provide more oil for us. After this explosion at the oil refinery in Carson, California oil prices have began to rise very quickly, just as they have went down a few weeks before.

Talking about nothing, did the oil dry up quickly, because of this oil explosion in Carson or were the oil executives lying to us again so they can increase the prices. You can't tell me that one day or week we have a surplus and prices were going down and then all of a sudden we have to quick turn around with oil and gas prices rising again all over the country. What is going on here, as I have stated early, I am talking about nothing once again. At one point the gas prices were falling almost every day and in some parts of the country gas prices were under $2 dollars a gallon what a miracle that was for a minute or two. With gas prices being so low we thought we should have more money in our pockets to spend on more important things such as household goods, clothing, furniture and maybe a new car could be seen in the budget.

Talking about nothing, just a few weeks later gas prices are going back up all over again. Now we know that the oil executives seem to play with the oil and gas prices at their will and we as consumers that need gas will pay whatever price that they demand. There are no major calamities happing in the world for this to happen all over again? Seems to make no common since at all, just another day in American where the rich get richer and the poor just take it in the old rear end once again. Here on the west coast where I live in the Great state of California we get the brunt of all calamities going on in the world and in every states. In some far fetch place no one has ever heard of, if a nut falls from a tree and hits the ground, here in California we feel it at the pumps or in the stores with prices going up fifteen or twenty cents over night. I may be talking about nothing and exaggerating just a little bit, but that's the way we feel here in my great state of California. We have some of the highest prices in any state and possibly some parts of the world. I know that in some countries they are paying for a gallon of gas around $8.00 per gallon and we are crying here in the good old USA.

Talking about nothing, as I look out at the Long Beach Port and see all of these huge ships or shipping vessels, that have goods on them stacking up, because the Long Shore men and women are having some kind of a slowdown there over some issues and its affecting everyone, because these products will not get to the stores and its creating a shortage of products on the shelves. For example just 3 weeks ago celery was $.99 cents in grocery stores. Now the price of celery is $1.70 cents see how this is affecting our pockets books or wallets. Stores are having less and less products on the shelves and if this slowdown continues, the prices of all goods will continue to climb. This is how the market places set prices for goods and services. The more products or services offered the prices go down. When there is a shortage of goods and services the prices will increase and we will pay higher prices and we will have less and less money for other things that we like to spend our money on.

The stock market has increased last year for another record time and the wealthy individuals we are told made more money than the year before. What about the average Americans who do not make their living on the stock market, or company stock plans where CEO's and upper management are getting millions and millions of dollars in stock options and the average American is barely making a living wage. What are you supposed to do, they will say you have to get a better paying job or go back to school and get better educated so you can be a useful employee to your employer.

Again, I'm talking about nothing, but have you check or reviewed what the costs are to getting a higher education these days. Everything is going out of control with higher and higher prices where you are priced out of everything. So what do you do? I sit and ponder trying to find answers for these and many other issues. But it's becoming hard and hard every day to find answers. I could go on and on about many other issues like murder, congress, religion and politics, but I hope you get the point. We need to find solutions and answers for where we are going, so we can get there to the future. This is just me talking about nothing for today. Have a great day.


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