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Superbowl It's Time....

Super Bowl week or Super Bowl Sunday has become a mega event not only in the United States but all over the world. When I was growing up in the late sixties and early seventies the Super Bowl was big event for men. We would look forward to that Sunday in early January to sit down and watch some football. All of our yard work would have been completed early Sunday morning so that we would be ready in the afternoon for game time.

My mother would always try and find something to do on that Sunday. My brothers and I would be sitting around the television for 2 to 6 hours after the game started. We did not want to be interrupted by any type of work or errands when game time begin. Where ever you were at on Super Bowl Sunday you would hurry home for game time. It seem like all the men would getting prepare for the game.

You would ask your mother to go to the grocery store and load up on all of our favorite foods and drinks. She would spend a about $50 to $60 dollar of varies foods such as meats, chips and drinks. Super Bowl Sunday was a mandatory event every year and the budget for that one Sunday out of the year would be higher every year thereafter. As the years went by Every Super Bowl Sunday you started noticing that major advertising companies were starting to take notice as well at the growing spectacle for men spending lots of money to watch football.

The advertisers or marketers began to take notice that this particular game Americans were spending huge amounts of money a couple of days before and at game time preparing for Super bowl Sunday. Advertisers knew that Super Bowl Sunday was a man's events and that the women would leave the house go to shops, stores or malls while the game was on. Super Bowl Sunday was a past-time for men and for women spending money, was producing millions of dollars for those companies who notice the trends of how profitable those few days before and Super Bowl Sunday could be.

Companies started to focus their advertising dollars on ads towards women becoming more involved in watching the game as well as their husbands and kids. They knew that if they can get the women in involved with this event they could make not just millions of dollars but billions of dollars before the game. The NFL started to not just focus on the game Super Bowl Sunday, but an entire week to appeal to more fans and generating more fans as well. Now Super Bowl Sunday is now called Super Bowl Week, advertisers are spending millions of dollars on ads because so many people are watching and being affected by this game it created and effect on or society as a whole.

With so many people being effected by Super Bowl physically, investing time in the actual game or companies spending money on advertising that are affecting people sociologically it is time that we make the Super Bowl a national holiday. During Super Bowl week at work or any social environment people will be asking you are you going to watch the Super Bowl and where are you going to watch the game or if you are staying home and having a Super Bowl party with family and friends?

I know that getting any particular day a national holiday will be a difficult process. First you have to have enough signatures from the people requesting that they want this day to become a national holiday. Then you have to have a representative of the house or the senate introduce the bill and present the bill to the senate and house of representatives where the bill will be discussed and voted on.

The Super Bowl started out as a game where men were the majority of people watching television and waiting twelve weeks and a couple of playoff games to determine the two teams that were eligible to compete andthe winner would be crown world champions. Now millions of people watch and millions if not billions of dollars are spent in one week because the NFL and companies started marketing and advertising towards women has increased the Super Bowl's popularity. I think and believe that this game the Super Bowl is a defacto holiday, it is just we do not recognize it as such.

What is Congress waiting for, they need to create legislation that the Super Bowl is a National Holiday. The majority of everyone would welcome this holiday today.


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