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Success or Failure Is It Your Parents Fault?

Some were born into this world to no fault of your own, and then there are others who were born into this world by parents who planned and wanted to have children. Each one of us took a different route to get here into this world. None of us knew what we were getting into when we were born and brought home from the hospital. We only knew what we were being taught by our parents and as we learned many different things from our parents we took those building blocks into our schools, how we must behave as an teenagers and young adult. But none of us knew or had a inkling that what we were learning or not learning was preparing us for life's ups and downs years down the road.

Growing up as an adolescent and then into a our teenage years we thought or believe that we would be happy growing up and living with our parents who are or were providing for our everyday living needs. We believe that because we did not request to come into this world it is our parents obligation to take care of us forever. Is it our parents obligation to take the responsibility for our well being as we grow into adults.

Everything is great, as the statement in Lion King the movie "Hakuna matata" no worries or problems. But as time goes by our parents begin to give us a harsh reality check that we have to at some point in time start the process or planning and making arrangements to began to take care of ourselves. In our minds we might have said to ourselves, hey wait a minute that is not or was not the plan when we were born.

I think that somewhere in the late teenage years and into our early adult years the majority of people make the mistake of not planning and making arrangements for their future. I have a favorite saying and this is it: " The decision that you make when you are young, will have an effect on you when you are older and in the future". Those decision that you are making now or have made when you were or are young will have or are having a major impact as to your standard of living in the future. Sometimes our parents are dream killers, because they will tell you things like you are not good enough to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer or movie actor or actress. But you also have to bare some of the responsibility to want to become something other than a bum or a failure.

In our early years your parents and you should be developing a plan of action at that time, because this is the most crucial point in your development as teens and young adults. You need your parents directions, now is the time that your parents advice should be making major contributions to your successes. Because as teens and young adults you do not know what you want to do for the future. The majority of teens and young adults do not know what they are going to do tomorrow, let alone what they are going to do in the future 10 to 30 years for now.

If you and your parents are developing a plan now, your chances of success is much greater than going on without a plan, because the majority of time not having a plan the majority of the time leads to failure. Not having a plan is like a ship in the harbor getting ready for her voyage without a map. This ship will wander aimlessly somewhere in the ocean without making it to their destination or may run aground and be lost forever. Many times teenager or young adult are head strong, believing that they know it all and do not want to follow their parents advice.

They believe that they have all the answers, they will try and go it alone all by themselves. They will not seek advice or asked for it, because of their ego. Going it alone is okay sometimes, and it may work out for you, but when you are being foolish to a point, and will not listen or take advise that's another thing altogether and the majority of time it leads to failure. If your parents are trying to provide you with some good advice take it, it does not cost a thing it is totally free of charge. That advice may well save you and your parents a life time of problems and heart ache.


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