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Sports In America

Sports In America

Sports in America are huge entertainment gatherings of people at many venues during the week or month. People in America regard sports entertainment as a must in their lives and would spend a lot of money on these outings. In America we take sports very serious, it could be football, basketball, baseball, soccer or hockey Americans pay millions or billions of dollars for this type of entertainment. This country can be divide on any other issues such as politics or religion, but when it comes to a favorite sport or sports team, and it does not matter if the team is a professional or college team somehow we can put our differences aside and come together to root for our favorite sports team.

How important is sports in American to the public at large? Sports in America is so important many people will not go to work or miss an important event just to attend that sports event. People will even chance their working lively hood or risk the chance of getting fired just to attend a sporting event. If there was a major issue that can possibly affect our nation and that issue would be placed on a voting ballot and if a sporting event were schedule the same day, more people will more than likely attend the sporting event than to go and vote on the initiative. Some believe that attending a sporting event is something that they canít miss and it is a must see entertainment.

Also these sporting events need huge sporting stadiums and depending on which sporting event it is, most of those stadiums have the capacity to hold sixteen thousand to one hundred thousand people per arena that is a lot of people in one arena at one time. People feel that they must be in the ambiance of the event. They must have the excitement of being around like minded people enjoying the event. They will do anything to be at that sporting event.

During the week and especially on Saturday and Sunday, sports in America are our biggest entertainment days. In some cities you could have four to five different sporting events all happening the same day. In America you have home town pride and then you have team spirit, city spirit and state spirit about how people affiliate with the sports teams in their area. People feel that pride of city, state and team spirit that their team is better than your town or city, because of their sports team and this gives them great pride and relief when their sports team wins a game or a couple of games. People also think that if their team is better than your team, it also means that their city or state is better than the opponentís team, city or state as well. So sports in America have a much deeper meaning than just being about ordinary sports.

Sports business in America is more than a couple of billion dollars a year business for some businesses. Also these businesses want an affiliation with sports teams because it can increase their marketing reach to more customers, but they have an opportunity to make more money for the company as well. A lot of companies make huge amounts of money being affiliated with team, because they can sell the teamís merchandise.

Also these companiesí sales can increase when they are sponsoring a favorite player on your favorite team. People will purchase merchandise from that team just because a certain player works or plays for that particular organization. These companies are cashing in on this money generating wagon train. When people get excited about their sports team, and the team is winning or doing well, people will spend a lot of their hard earn money to support that team. Ticket sales, merchandise sales and television contracts this is how your favorite sports team are making tons of money.

Sports betting on American sports has reached and exceeded more than $400 billion dollars in legal and illegal betting. People in America and outside of America are passionate about different sports and they are willing to take major risks financially placing bets on their favorite and not so favorite teams. A lot of people become addicted to betting, because they are looking for that rush in adrenaline that provides excitement whether they win or lose on the bet they have made. Some of these people believe that itís not about winning or losing that makes them bet. Itís the excitement and uncertainty that propels them to continue this betting behavior.

Sports in America have always been big with the youth. The youth played sports for the love of the game and not for fame or fortune. Because big businesses have gotten more involved with sports in America, now parentsí of the youth are looking to cash in on little johnís talents and have change the surface of the game of sports in America. Sports are no longer for the love of the game, but the love of getting paid more, and more money.

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