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Shooting Who?

Shooting who? Wars and rumors of wars, fighting and rumors of fighting, killings and rumors of killings, shooting and rumors of shooting and who's shooting who I asked? Why so much violence or rumors of violence is this violence ingrained in our DNA as a people? We seemed to not be able to get along with each other anymore and there could be many reasons why we chose violence and shootings to make a point. The gun a great invention design and created way back in thirteen-sixty four (1364) made and created in China.

Shooting who? I do not want to focus on the creation of the gun, but why do so many of us use the gun to solve our disputes? It seems that as soon as we get into an argument the first thing people say is that I'm going to get my gun and blow your motherfucking head off. Why do people get so heated and cannot control their emotions and the first thing that they think of is to getting a firearm and shooting and with great possibility killing someone when talking could be just as or more affected in solving their problem?

Shooting who? We now have so many individuals who have access to guns and their reasons for having them are many. Some say that I have a gun is because our forefathers said in the constitution that we can have access to a gun because it's our second amendment right to own one.

Some people say that they own a gun is because they like to go hunting, do some target shooting, and they are able to protect themselves if needed to do that, protect themselves and their family. Others say that guns have a historical value that's why they own guns and others say that some guns do not lose their financial value. There are many reasons as to why people own guns but is seems that a minority of people are using guns for nefarious situations and shooting who. It’s a low down dirty shame, someone please tell me who's the blame.

Shooting who? You know years ago people were more respectful of each other's space, more respectful of other people feelings, were willing to say I'm sorry if they offended someone and were more kind to one another because that's the way we were taught as young children to be mindful of other people. Now in this twenty-first century, people are all about themselves and your feelings do not count. These days if people think or believe you are an obstacle, and you may be in their way of getting or achieving their goal they would do anything necessary to remove you and shooting and killing you is just another tool they would use to achieve that goal.

We have so much animosity against one another these days regarding our politics, our religious beliefs, our race, our sports teams, where we live, the streets we live on, our cities where we live, the cars we drive, and not only the cars we drive, the way we drive these cars can cause a major altercation with other drivers, that some will pull out their gun shoot and kill the other driver. What is the world coming to that we would shoot and kill someone because of their driving issues? That is really bad and sad that we have to live in a world like this, where we cannot control are behavior.

There is a saying out there and I'm quite sure most of us have heard it before and it goes something like this "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me". Let us all pray that this could really happen one day before it is too late. Then we will not have to ask the question anymore shooting who?

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