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Sex, Sexy or Beautiful have they become Taboo?

Sex, Sexy or Beautiful have they become Taboo

Sex, sexy or beauty have they become a taboo? Any word that mentions or comments on sex, sexy or sometimes beautiful are drawing people ire. What is the problem or issue that everyone seems to have when the word sex is mention? Most people would just shy or move away when you bring up the conversation of sex. There are some people who would prefer you not to talk about sex at all, because they have this aversion to the word sex. In the work force if you comment to anyone with these words sex, sexy or beautiful you probably issued a death knell to your career. You probably get fired and sued.

The word sex, sexy and beautiful bring different body emotions in some people such as; anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness, and surprise and in other people they feel; anxiety, love, depression, contempt, pride, shame, and envy. Some people think that when they hear the word sex, sexy that something bad or terrible is going to happen. Why is it that we have all of these different emotions about the word sex, sexy and or beautiful?

Probably if you were born somewhere between 1920's to 1970's you grow up in a household that the word sex, sexy or beautiful were foreign subject to mention or talk about, because you and I were taught that sex and being sexy was bad.

Do not look at the opposite counter-part female or male in a way that could be interpreted as sexual in nature, because sex and sexual relations was not a good thing unless you were married. We were told not to engage in or talk about sex or being too sexy. The 1980’s up to now people have become more liberal about the word sex, sexy and engaging in sex.

If something is pleasant to the eye looking sexy and or beautiful do we not look at that object or person and may or may not have a comment. If you are human you probably would want to make a comment. We want to comment how beautiful or sexy something may or may not be. Just as we could comment on how ugly something looks.

To make a comment you have to look at that person, place or thing to make that comparisons right? That is just human nature how we compare one thing to other, just like we compare sexy as to what is not sexy and what is beautiful as to what is ugly.

Or should we all walk with our heads in the clouds or looking toward the ground when we interact with the opposite sex so that we cannot enjoy what may or may not be beautiful or sexy. Is that the correct thing for us to do as humans to be bland? Our society as a whole has always made a judgment on sex, sexuality and what is beautiful in nature.

Every day businesses make decisions on sexuality, sex and beauty, from motions pictures, and magazines. Everything about us is about sex, sexuality and beauty, but if you make a statement about someone’s’ sexuality or sex or beauty you find yourself in hot water.

You cannot tell a person how beautiful or sexy they are without being accused of sexual harassment. You are just making a plain assessment of what looks good in your eyes. What should we do go around and comment how ugly everyone is so that we do not get charge with possible sexual harament?

Do we have to live in fear with mouth guards or bridles like horses to control our mouths and thoughts before we speak? Maybe before we make a comment or statement about how someone looks we better get their permission first before we are charged with sexual harassment charges.

Making comments as to how someone looks is instantly sometimes there is no thought process behind it, you see something beautiful or ugly and you make a statement. I know if someone is ugly they are not going to want to hear how ugly they are from someone they have never met before. So what if you have met them before and you make a statement how ugly they are is this any better, telling them because you are an acquaintance? It goes both ways for the beautiful as well as the ugly.

I do not believe that anyone wants to be around ugly things most of their lives. There may be some exceptions to the rule, but I would believe that most would enjoy being around and in places where things or objects or people are pleasant, lovely and beautiful.

We have to stop taking life way too serious and just enjoy the moment, because moments are very fleeting, and moments is all we have to hold onto. Those moments come and go in an instant and may never be repeated again.

That’s the beauty of human behavior, we make comments whether they are good or bad we are not robots built the same way. As humans we all do not act, live, look, smell, feel, talk, walk, eat, love, hate alike. We all are different in some way fashion or form.

Life is too short to worry about issues that are really not going to make or break us in the long run over time. If someone gives you a comment on how beautiful or sexy you are go with it and take that in and feel great for the moment.

Use that comment as motivation to do better and improve your purpose in life whatever that maybe. Let’s not always try in look for the negative regarding a comment about sex, sexuality and or beauty which maybe so innocent.

There are some out there in the world and their minds are always on the nasty, and dirty we know that. But let’s not place everyone into that same box as some despicable people. There are some people who just like giving people praises for their beautiful looks and sexuality and they mean no harm to you at all.

Maybe we can change the mindset of people about sex, sexuality and beauty comments, because everyone is not out there to cause harm or hurt feelings. Some are out there just trying to give you a complement nothing else.


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