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Sex For Sale

Many, many, many years ago before the invention of newspapers, or reporters or any type of media, there was a town crier, he would yell out at the top of his voice what the king's decrees were, letting everyone know the agenda. Also I wonder if the ladies of night, went out in the public voicing their decrees, sex for sale, sex for sale, read all about it or come ya'll see all about it, sex for sale. Sex for sale is such a powerful force, it's like g-force pulling, you are fighting against gravity. Sex for sale is powerful no matter how it is package or distributed, or marketed.

Sex for sale is big business, in any economy, good, bad or stagnant, people are going to have sex, buy sex, engage in sex, sex is powerfully strong. In an age where it seems, as anything goes, strip clubs have become the norm, not a taboo so much as in the past, where scantly dress women, marketing their wares to men and women, to anyone who would indulge.

Sex for sale, between two consenting or maybe three adults sometimes in the privacy of a room or home, is it still our business as to what goes on behind closed doors. When are we going to remove sex for sale, from one of the evil vices, it is not like murder. Sex for sale is wrong, because the government determined that paying for sex is wrong.

The government is following the lead of how society feels about sex for sale. If our society has a change of heart, about sex for sale, just as our society has changed, the way is sees smoking marijuana, is not that bad as it was first believed. Marijuana, has gotten a second chance, being removed as a vice in many states, maybe sex for sale, could be removed for being a vice as well.

In the 1960's our government had created laws about pricy and sexual conduct in your own home. There were laws on the books, that stated that adultery, fornication, sodomy were never enforced, but people believed that the government could enforced these when they wanted. In 2003 our Supreme Court, gave privacy laws a boost when that stated consenting adults should be left alone in the privacy of their own homes. Here privacy is the issue, because if two or three consenting adults are agreeing to having sex for sale, is it our business to interfere, if this behavior is done not in the eyesight of the police.

In the past 3 to 6 months, we have had two sporting announcers, arrested for trying to pay for sex for sale. They lost their jobs, were humiliated, brought shame upon family, friends, working colleagues at their previous employment. Sex for sale is the oldest profession there is, and it's not going away anytime soon. As long as there are girls, boys, women and men the urge to have sex will not abate.

Every time we have major sporting events, Super Bowl, NBA Championship, NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, Hockey Stanley Cup Finals, Baseball World Series, Spring Breaks, New Years parties, where thousands of people gather together in one place, beautiful people everywhere sex will be part of the festivities. Should we in today's society, waste thousands of dollars on such a harmless vice, when many cities have limited resources as it is. Money could be well spent somewhere else, it is needed.

Sex for sale, men looking for women, women looking for men, consenting adults, who's problem is it, if no one is hurt. One party filling a need for sexual pleasure, the other party filling a need or wanting financial gain. Why not let supply and demand rule the day. Sex for sale, what is your vote, thumbs up or thumbs down.

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