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Everyday that you wake up in the morning, evening or afternoon, it does not matter when you wake up, you place yourself at risks from something. Some of you when you wake up, know what risks factors that you face, because you plan ahead. Then there are others, which are the majority, who wake, have no clue, as to what risks factor are out there, because you do not plan for anything, you just go with the flow or how the current is moving, that's how you move or behave during the day or night. Risks has to do with the possibility of something happening to you. Placing yourself in some type of danger or possible injury or harm.

Living is a risk in itself, just being alive you are at risk, but you can decrease that risk if you plan and know what you are going to do, before you do whatever you thought of doing. If you have a plan, your risks factors, probably decreases, by a factor of 10 or more, because you have eliminated or taken out those elements that could have put you in harm's way. It is said that you face more risk, being at home than at work or out in the neighborhood. The reason of that statement is that, you are at home more than any other place, so getting hurt or something happening to you, at home does make more sense.

Why is it that people are afraid to plan their day, week, or month, just like businesses or companies do. Businesses, before they make an investment or start a project, will create a plan, use that plan to determine what, where, how risks can occur, so they can decrease their risks factors. As people you should be doing the same thing, as these businesses are creating a plan, checking out or reviewing each and every scenario available before you do anything. Do you in your daily lives calculate your risks factors on a daily basis.

I know that the majority of you, probably do not or will not plan what you are going to do today, let alone what you are or will be doing tomorrow, it's just human nature at work. So thinking about risks and how to eliminate, risks in your lives just does not compute at all. When you do not know what you are going to do, you have no clue, you place yourself at higher risks, that something bad or negative can happen to you, because you will take chances, you are doing things, by the seat of your pants, with no plan, this not good.

Your life is more important to you, and living safely is something, that I believe that everyone should strive for, right. But there are some who like placing yourself in harm's way, as a way of having some fun. Then there are others who are questioning what risks, do I have living my life, I wake up, I go to school or work, back home, eat, and then back into bed. What are the risks in doing that?

Risks could be any numbers of things, that you are doing that is not safe that could cause you harm or someone else. You could taking risks, if you do not understand, how to work, some particular machinery, that could cause you harm. Risk is you are taking unnecessary chances, such as being a daredevil or speed racing in your car, there are plenty other ways of putting yourself at risk. Planning ahead reduces your chances of getting hurt, which will Lessen your risk as well.

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