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Reality T.V.

Reality T.V. has been in America for some 75 years and counting is this type of television going away any time soon. I call reality television ratchet television because it has no real purpose to do anything constructed. Reality television does not educate, instruct or help you achieve knowledge that you could use to help better yourself. This type of television was created to entertain you I guess, but it is a television show that is ever going into the direction that has no real or true value. So why is it that so many Americans watching these type of television shows?

There are different opinions as to what a reality television show is all about. Some believe that reality television is about people who were not stars to begin with, and then with the opportunity to be on television on a daily or weekly basis these people became familiar with the public and therefore became somewhat stars with not acting skills. Some of these shows are down out right disgusting, the television station writers writing something very stupid and having these supposed to be actors and actress act out these different events.

The majority of Americans our lives are very normal and boring daily. We get up in the mornings or evenings depending on what type profession you may have or you may go to school or you are taking care of your children. You do not have enough time in a day to do things youwould like to do.

So these writers write for these people and give them events to act out. Example, the majority of us will not constantly keep company with people we do not like or hate. Why in the world would you keep inviting the same people over to different events that you are fighting with everyday. Does this make any sense at all to keep company with people you would like to beat up. But this is what they want us to believe that we enjoy this type of behavior and these reality people are acting out our alter egos.

Will this reality television be around for years to come or will they at some point in time come to an end and the real actors, actress and true writers rise from the ashes just like the phoenix. At this moment in time in the 21st Century Americans seem to be fascinated with watching people destroy, lie, steal, fight and have sex with as many partners as possible. We want people to suffer and we can make comments about how bad these people are, but there are allot of people enjoying themselves.

As long as the ratings for these reality television shows keep rating high and the advertisers (major corporations) are willing to pay for those eye balls to keep these shows alive and well. Just maybe one day in the near future the American population will at some point come to their senses and stop watching, then we can began once again to watch true stars and writers create great work product that we can be proud of and gladly speak about at the preverbal water coolers.


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