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Give me a R, give me a A, give me a C, give me a I, give me a S, give me a M what's that spells good old RACISM. Why on earth are we still having issues dealing with racism? When is enough, enough of this type of behavior believing I'm better, because I am Caucasian, Black American, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Korean or any skin color you could name. Is racism really about racial skin colors or is it and attitude in believing that you are greater or purer than others who are not of the same heritage.

Racism is the belief that because of your race or heritage you believe that you are superior and others races are inferior. Racism begin in the 1800's in America, when the southern states politicians of democrats and republicans were fighting for political power and control. To keep power these white politicians had to disenfranchise citizens from voting, so they enacted laws to keep blacks and poor whites out of the political process. This disenfranchisement of blacks had more of an effect than it was originally meant, not only did it disenfranchise blacks, but many blacks disappeared totally from the scene all together.

This gave the whites total supreme power and the formation of white supremacy. Now that these new disenfranchise laws were enacted and controlled blacks and poor whites, other discriminatory laws were put into effect as well. These laws targeted blacks only, informing them where blacks can go, live, eat, drink, use restroom or work in public and in schools. As far as racism in America, Americans we created our own racism hell.

Racism today in the 21st century should be more than just a work in process, it should be on its way out of our culture, only in history books and archives. Regarding racism and racist views, we have come a long way from that past of the 1800's and the civil rights era. Many laws about racism and racist acts against people of color have been enacted because of our racist past to help correct a wrong, that put a burden on many blacks and poor whites of the past.

Now that we have moved forward with a better understanding of our past, how is it today that many people still harbor discriminatory and racist views. I know that there are still many hold outs from decades past, people who have these hatred and racist feelings in their hearts and soul. Rest assure that these people are still teaching racism and racist views to their children and grand children in their homes today.

What are the solutions to combat racism and racist views? What can we do to let these individuals know that their fears are unfounded and that everyone wants the same things in life. Everyone wants to live a product life, have a family and live safe among family and friends. We can disseminate literature about people of color, letting them know that everyone of color is not a thug, criminal, murderer and or rapist. Advise them that people of color have the same fears and interest that they have.

Learning each other's culture. Not to judge people, because you do not understand their cultural habits, just because they are different from your own. Advise them to be tolerant of other people, because people of color are just flesh and blood just like them.

Racism covers many more subjects, than just racial color, it encompass ability vs. no ability, skinny vs. fat, ugly vs. pretty, intelligent vs. unintelligent all of these issues and many more. The only way to combat true racism and racist views, is to talk about it and learn more about other people cultural life styles and habits.

Then we can truly fight this and ultimately get rid of racism and leave it for the history books.


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