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Today's news headlines April 20, 2015 are from the following news organizations;
  1. Fox News.com:
    'Mom of Seal Killed in Ramadi blasts military chief's dismissal of sacrifices'
    'CLINTON CASH' Book claims that foreign donors got State Dept. favors'
    'White House condemns ISIS mass execution of Christians'

  2. Google News:
    'Migrant boat tragedies escalate'
    'Tim Tebow Appears Set to Join a Crowd of Eagles Quarterbacks'
    'The Latest: Elite men off and running at Boston Marathon'

  3. CNN News:
    'Mass grave in sea' Another boar sinks, as migrant death toll climbs'
    'Baltimore seeks answers in man's death'
    'Good Times actor dies at 64 (Ben Powers)'
    'George Lucas gets payback on neighbors'
    'WH fence jumper arrested'

  4. USA TODAY News:
    'Terrorism probe yield 6 arrests in 2 states'
    'How four teens became murders without killing anyone'
    'Italians on a tiny island migrants to go home'
    'Obama team talks climate during Earth Day week'

News is about, when, where, and what happen to either enlighten or inform us about events that are noteworthy, something that could have the possibility of affecting the public's safety or general health.

The headline stories above is from some major news reporting companies or agencies, their business is reporting news. News organizations suppose to report on events or provide information of something happening recently or now, that is important or news worthy. Is news truly news these days, or is every news organizations trying to make their reporting of news more sensational than the next news agency. They will give headlines about pending news stories that makes is seem, that the worst happening, it is a must that you tune in to watch what the story was all about. These news agencies sometimes go beyond or to the fringes of what is true or the truth, sensationalize a story for more eyeballs, for the advertising dollar.

Is this type of news, sensationalize news what we need, that makes the public better informed. I know that regular boring news versus sensationalize news is not sexy, not what people will tune into, because it is boring, but it is the truth, it provides information, or it will be something that may affect the public's health. No one wants to hear about, homeless people, politics, religion, unemployment, weather or finances, boring news they do not understand, or they want to escape the reality, this is real world conditions that we live in. These types of stories are not sexy enough.

When news reporting agencies are reporting on such topics such as; sex, celebrities, movies, murders, people robbing, stealing, corruption, our society will tune in to watch, because this is sexy exciting news people like to hear about. Why our society likes, to hear news reports of other people's woes or troubles, or sorrows is baffling.

Our society is very fickle when it comes to seeing, hearing, reading news, you hear people say that news organizations always and only report negative news, nothing positive to report. Then when the news organizations' report positive news, no one tune in to watch the news, the rating show that people are more attractive to negative news.

Then you have a minority of people, who just do not care for news at all. Their response regarding news, if it does not directly affects them, who cares what is happening in the world, their state, their city, it's none of their business.

News that is being reported today in the 21st. Century, is this news newsworthy enough, that it should be reported to our society to give this news special attention. Or is this news being reported today, just a bunch of noise, to draw attention to the news organizations themselves, because of the advertising dollar. The only way to find out, if news is newsworthy, you will either tune in and watch or you will tune it out and not watch. You the public will make the final decision about newsworthiness.

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