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Murderer Paroled

A crime was committed 50 years ago and two people were murdered to death at the hands of this individual l and others. The murderer was convicted and sent to jail in 1965, and after spending 50 years of incarceration there is a strong possibility that this person will be paroled back into society. After spending all these years behind bars for murder, taking two people lives who are gone forever and they will never return to this planet again.

Does this person deserve another chance to be freed and live among lawful citizens again. If and when is this person ever rehabilitated enough from murder to be paroled. Is 50 years in prison punishment enough that this person and the prison parole board believes that this individual has paid their debt to society and should be released. Our laws are a emulation of society's beliefs and standards as to how we should punish those who violate them. We have gotten away from the eye for eye standard to an rehabilitation of individuals who commit violate crimes.

Why do we spend billions of dollars on prisons all around the country housing hundreds of thousands, feeding, medicating and clothing these individuals daily. Our society believe that we can rehabilitate these people and make them better persons once they have completed their prison sentencing. Is this not what our prison system is all about correcting those bad behaviors of these individuals so they can come and live amongst everyone once again.

Remember we spent billions of dollars on them right. Some will say that murder is something totally different than any other crime that is committed. They will state that murder is far worse because it is the taking of someone's life. Murder is inherently just wrong period.

Yes, you may be right, but does that take away from the person who committed the crime for having an opportunity for parole? In our criminal justice system murder is called "malum in se" or "wrong in itself". Why is it called "malum in se" is because we all have been taught at an early age that doing harm to someone or their property is not the way that humans behave toward one another.

So should murders have an opportunity for parole, just as every other crime that is being committed? Each one of us has to answer that question for themselves and for their families and community. But we cannot have it both ways when it benefits us to keep them in prison so we can feel safe.

We need to start asking the question about how many people are we going to keep in prison without the possibility of parole? If we keep doing this we are going to have a whole country full of prisons and nothing else. Our justice system is based upon our society's feelings and the feelings and opinions of the majority of people at this particular time in the 21st century is to give people a second opportunity or chance and this is why we send people to prison for long periods of time.

We feel the best way to handle and treat this criminals is to remove them away from society and give them some form of treatment or rehab and these people will become better people later after completing their sentence. Based upon our system of justice and giving people second chances, how much time in prison does a murderer has to stay in prison to be rehabilitated. Is 50 years in prison ever going to be enough time for murder?


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