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The creation of the motorcycle was in 1800's, just as the first modern car. This motorcycle was created with the same designed as the regular bikes were designed. The difference between the motorcycle, safe bicycle was that this motorcycle had a steam engine attached to the frame.

The creators or persons who are given credit as the builders of this steam engine motorcycle was Pierre Michaux who created the motorcycle in Europe, then there was Sylvester H. Roper who also developed a steam engine twin cylinder motorcycle in American around the same time, that Pierre Michaux created his motorcycle. Also there were many other individuals, who tried their hand at creating, building motorcycles throughout history. As with history of anything, history sometimes are recorded, by different people, viewing, seeing things differently.

The motorcycle is used for different activities, in war time they were used to carry, deliver messages. Just as horses were replaced by modern day car, so the motorcycle replaced the horse and rider during the war, delivering and carrying messages as well. In peace time the motorcycle, used as a recreation, and racing transportation.

Most people today use a motorcycle as a recreation vehicle, they say that riding a motorcycle, they feel free, not confined as they would, riding or being a car. They say that they like, the maneuver ability that a motorcycle has, that a car does not have. There was one major law introduced regarding motorcycle riding. Because motorcycle riders suffered major, severe injuries to their bodies, head in traffic accidents. A law was introduced and passed, that made it mandatory for motorcycle riders to wear a helmet, while riding a motorcycle.

Through-out the history of the motorcycle, the design of the motorcycle went through many different designs, changes, because of the different manufacturers building, creating the motorcycle. In the early 1900's a company named Harley Davidson, became the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles.

Later on German, Japanese manufacturers, overtook Harley Davidson lead, they became the biggest manufacturers of a motorcycle. In recent years, there are other manufacturers of motorcycles, that have been in the market before,who are making better and better designs for motorcycles riders, buyers to have a real choice at the next, best motorcycles yet to come.

Here's a list of the different motorcycles manufacturers names:
Aprilia Motorcycles
BMW Motorcycles
Buell Motorcycles
Can-Am Motorcycles
Ducati Motorcycles
Harley-Davison Motorcycles
Honda Motorcycles
Husaberg Motorcycles
Husqvarna Motorcycles
Indian Motorcycles
Kawasaki Motorcycles
KTM Motorcycles
Kymco Motorcycles
Moto Guzzi Motorcycles
MV Agusta Motorcycles
Polaris ATVs
Piaggio Scooters
Suzuki Motorcycles
Triumph Motorcycles
Vespa Scooters
Victory Motorcycles
Yamaha Motorcycles

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