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Well, hell we wake up to a new day and the American people have a new president of the United States of America. The most power person on the planet earth at least that's what we believe he is. Having morals or standards of behavior is what made and separated the Unites States above other countries. Other nations wanted to fashion their nation after the Untied States of America.

Because they believe that we would deal with them in an acceptable manner. No foolish or unacceptable behavior other countries could count on the United States of America to be forthright with outstanding citizens. This is what separated us from other countries and made us great, our acceptable and respectful behavior toward others.

Morals are a person's standards of behavior. Doing what is consider right and knowing what is consider acceptable and not acceptable behavior. In the movie Scarface with Al Pacino, there was a scene when he was in the restaurant talking about being a bad guy. Al Pacino stated that "I always tell the truth even why I lied". This is what we have from our new president-elect. Morals, Morals Morals.

I thought when you want to ascend to the highest office in the land the President of the United States of America you were supposed to have good to great moral character. Such as; Blameless, not double-tongued, not greedy, given to filthy lucre, not slanderers, sober, faithful in everything, husband to one wife, pure conscience and teaching a ruling his children well. These are the character traits of a good leader. Someone, please tell me how did we accept anything less than this?

How far the mighty has fallen, we demonstrate unacceptable behaviors towards each other today. We lied, steal, cheat and kill each other on a daily basis. We provide terrible examples for our children and then we wonder why they are having a hard time treating their follow friends with respect. Whatever happened to the motto that the good book admonishes all of us about? You read the scripture; Luke 3:31 "Do to others as you would have them do to you." Our nation’s morals have been going down and down ever since George W. Bush and Al Gore fought to become president of the United States of America. There was total animosity toward one another and Democratic Party against Republican Party no love loss.

It seems from that moment the United States of America's morals have been declining it all about self. Get as much as you can and it does not matter how you attain whatever you want to achieve. You could lie, steal, cheat and take from someone else and people will praise you for doing wrong. We create television shows about terrible behavior of people getting drunk, having illicit sex and we highlight this behavior as people doing great. Then we look at each other and wonder why we treat each other with disdain and utter contempt. Then we want to ask each other what is wrong with you?

When President Obama became our president, the Republican Party's only agenda was to not allow him a second term. They did not want to do what is right for the American people they were only worried about their party. They would not even try and work on agendas that benefit all Americans because it would make President Obama look good.

They wanted him to fail at every step he would try and recommend for the good of the people. They also want to question other people about doing right from wrong. The American people just watched and looked at their behavior, as to how they schemed, conned, and cheated and would not do the work of the American people. These Senators and House of Representatives get paid hundred thousand dollars a year. They set precedents about how to behave badly and wonder why the America people are doing likewise.

If you had bad morals then you could not be counted on to being a good or great leader of our country, business or your own household. Because how can someone with bad moral conduct lead his or her household, let alone an entire nation when you have bad morals or ethics that are sub-standard. I thought that having morals determine who you are, right down to the very core of your being. The good lord stated in scripture that a good name is better than all the riches in the world. I guess the American people forgot about that scripture or America believes that sub-standard morals or ethics are a good thing to have.

America talks a lot with their lips about how moral we are, but our hearts and actions are far from the truth at being a moral country. Just look at the things that we admire or put on television, divorce, sleeping with many people, lying, stealing, having children out of wedlock all of these things we promote as being good for the love of money. Right now in America anything goes, we have gone far beyond what was consider morally right and we are committing every evil act under the sun. A moral less country has no boundaries and we continue to fall further and further into the bottomless pit.

Then we wonder why so many countries in the world do not respect America as they did in the past. Because in the past we held on to things that were morally right and acceptable even to the determent of our own country. We do that to prove a point that being morally right was better than to take advantage of the less fortunate and we still prosper as a nation for it. Then god truly blesses the United States of America because of their correct behavior.

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