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Money is it the root of all evil, or is it just bad people, willing to do anything to attain money. Everyone has the same needs, wants, for money. Some will work for money, then there are others who would do all sorts of bad or negative things, just to get their hands on money. Why will people kill, murder, rob, steal, lie, cheat, have illicit sex for money. What is it about money, that makes people do harm, to each other for it. What is money? Why do we need money? How to attain money?

Money is any type of circulating medium, that could be used in the exchange for products, services or trade. Money could be paper, coins, gold, silver, any type of metals, in the 21st Century it could bit coins as well. With money, you can purchase anything that you want within reason, if you have enough money to afford that purchase.

The purpose of money is to purchase, products, services is the reason that you need money. Carl Menger, had a theory of money, called the subjective theory of value "both sides gain from exchange. People will exchange something they value less for something they value more". Mr. Menger, believed that people use money, which everyone thinks is a must have, at the moment of purchase, they believe that the money is of less value, because they want something that, they think has more value.

I'm going to take that statement from Mr. Menger a bit further, I say that people will exchange money, for something that they think have the same or greater value. In today's society, peoplesay that cash or money is king, also he or she who has the money makes all the rules. So if you have money, you will feel, as if you should get a value for your money or cash.

In today's society, you need money for everything, to purchase goods, services, rent, mortgages, and car payments. Unfortunately to live in this society, you need money to live, it's no way to get around not having money. You can try and live without money, but you will find out it is a tuff way to live.

To attain money, there are different ways to get money, get employment is one way. If you have items to sell, you can sell something that people may want to purchase from you. There are government services, that provide you with money if you really need these services. Start your own business, provide a services or sell products. There are different websites that, you can write reviews, about different subjects and get paid for doing that kind of work. It is legal ways at making money.

Is money the root of all evil, or is it people who are evil, people that will do anything to attain money. If know that attaining money, is not easy as some people say it is. If you prepare yourself, whatever your talents are, then money making or attaining money, will be that much easier to attain, then you won't have to do evil to get money.

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