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Millionaire Money What Would You Do?

Millionaire money, what would you do? Everyone at one time and another have wished they had money like millionaires. Okay you wished you had the money, but what would you do with access to this type of money. You are probably thinking of all the things you could buy and quitting your job, may or may not be on the agenda. But having this access to money gives you choices to work or not to work.

Would you spend it on frivolously things, such as cars, houses, clothes and travel. This probably would be a natural reaction everyone would do if you would have access to this type of money at your disposal. After the enthusiasm and spending has worn off what is next on your agenda, when there are no more places to travel, cars to buy, or houses or clothes to purchase. Where is the next trill going to come from when you are sick and tired of spending money. Or do you ever become sick and tired of spending money.

Is having access to money the panacea of all your problems, or is it the beginning of all that could be evil and whatever else is going to ail you or could make you happy. Now if you are like the majority of people who comes into access of money like a millionaire, you want to share this great news with your closes family members and friends. You want everyone to be happy for your new found wealth.

If your family and close friends are truly excite for your new found wealth, they will be excite and happy for you. But if they are like most families and friends, they are going to want to enjoy some of the fruits of that new found wealth. They're going to believe that they also have come into access of your money as well. So don't be alarmed when your family and friends begin asking for little donation here and there for their enjoyment fund. You have just become the biggest bank to them known as the "Bank of Relative" for withdrawals.

Be aware of animosity from your family or friends when you tell that you are not their personal bank called "Bank of Relative" for withdrawals. You are not going to fund their every need or want. At this time when you deny their request for money, you are going to be called every different name outside of your chosen name given to you from your parents at birth.

Family and close friends feel like if you spend your money, they should be able to spend your money as well. They feel like if you buy a new car, or new clothes, or going on vacation, they should be able to do the same thing. Because what is yours is theirs to do as they see fit.

Millionaire money, what would you do, do you have to have a plan as to how you are going to spend or save your money. That is the question you will have to answer for yourself, if you came into money like a millionaire. Everyone is not going to want to invest, save or give their money to charities, they want to just have a good time.

Why invest, save or give to charities when you have money like a millionaire at your disposal. It is your choice to spend or save every bit of money as you please, no one else business as to what you do with your money.

When the money is yours, you can decide when, where, and who to give your money to whether it is right or wrong, it's your money. I guess when you have money like a millionaire, every charity or business or investment opportunity peddler or ordinary people just asking for donations, will be making contact with you about the possibility of you giving some of your money to their cause.

Millionaire money what would you do, if you are given the opportunity to have access to that type of money. Would you be charitable or selfish. After all it's your money.

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