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Love Is

Love is so powerful that it will have you doing things that you would not do if you were in your right mind. Most people would say that, because I was in love I was in my right mind or I would not have been in love if I wasn't. Then why do people do crazy things when they are in love? People use love as a weapon, some use love to get what they want, and others use love to control people. What do you use love for? I know some are saying right now that I don't use love to try and take advantage of people.

I will never use love that way, because it is wrong to use love to control someone. Is it right to use love to control someone this way, especially if you know in your heart that you really do not want to be with the person, knowing that you are not in love.

Relationships are built upon trust and each person giving of themselves to the other party thereby trusting and slowly building a commitment towards the other person. While building that commitment towards another you began to have feeling which in turn led to love and loving without reservation. The controlling person will not be willing to give of themselves completely, it is not in their DNA to giving of themselves totally, because they are selfish and self centered, everything that they do is about them, because they have no interest in your well being.

Love is about giving of yourself completely, your heart, mind and soul and if you cannot do this or unwilling to then you will never truly find love. Love is that feeling in your heart and stomach that you are satisfied with everything going on around you. You feel you can touch the moon and nothing in this world can do you no harm.

The good book has a great explanation as to what love is; King James Version "I Corinthians 13:4 - 8 " v4. Charity (love) suffered long, and is kind; charity (love) envied not; charity (love) vaunteth (boast) not itself, (love) is not puffed up, v5. (love) Doth not behave itself unseemly, (love) seeketh not her own, (love) is not easily provoked, (love) thinketh no evil; v6. (love) Rejoiceth not in iniquity, (love) but rejoiceth in the truth; v7. (love) Beareth all things, (love) believeth all things, (love) hopeth all things, (love) endureth all things. v8. Charity (love) never faileth:" This is what the good says about love and if we can follow this advise we will be on good standing with your significant other, and the majority of your problems will almost disappear.

Love can be the most enjoying event of our life time, only if we respect one another feelings. As the good book says, we cannot be it love for ourselves, because love seek not its own, but looks out for the other person feelings. When we learn how to give of ourselves totally without reservation then and only then can we truly love ourselves and then others.

As Andy Gibb wrote in one of his songs title: Love is (Thicker Than Water)
"Love is higher than a mountain, love is thicker than water".


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