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Love, what is this powerful word love? People say I love you all the time, but do they truly believe that they love someone. Without getting to deep into what love is or is not there are three different types of love and they are Eros, Agape and Philia love. We say I love you to family and friends all the time when we see them at different occasions. When you practice this kind of love toward family and friends this is Philia love. Philila Love is brotherly love showing affection and tenderness to one another.

Then there is Agape love which is a special love of the highest degree, because it's a love that is unconditional. This love has no limits or bounds, it is absolute and with complete devotion and commitment towards that person. This Agape love is the kind of love that you will give your life for in place of the person with whom you love. Now Agape and Philia love are loves that go together, because they truly have a emotional connection towards loving family and friends. Family and friends you probably would be willing to give your life for them if you had to.

Now Eros love is more of a physical sexual nature type of love. This kind of love was intended for men and women in a marriage relationship to join together and then over a period of time become as one a unit together. But the majority of people are practicing this type of love because of its physical nature of having sex and thinking that they love each other. If you remove the physical nature of sex from this type of relationship it would fall apart quickly. The relationship would fall apart quickly because there was no true love there when the relationship began, it was all physical attraction. Physical attraction has brought you two together, that was the starting point of maybe the two of you could try and build a loving relationship together.

Physical attraction was the starting place, but after time has elapsed in the relationship you should have begun the process of moving forward towards the other two types of love Philia and Agape love. Some people may never get beyond physical attraction because they were not looking for true love to begin with, they wanted physical connection of sex.

Then there are others who believe that security in a relationship is the most important issue. They believe that if this person does not have a job or a good credit rating then that is the end of the relationship. People want to feel secure and know that their significant other can provide for them first and foremost. They believe that they can grow to love someone, but security is most important to them.

So what does love have to do with it in a relationship? Think about that statement for a moment and asked yourself what does love got to do with it? You and your significant other have to make that determination in your relationship. Some people get into a relationships for love, others for security and then there are others for sex. So what does love got to do with it?

I hope all your decisions regarding love are the best for you and your partner. Good Luck.

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