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Life's Trial and Tribulations

Life's trials and tribulations are hard to handle or maintain or just to live with them. When you are born into this world you had no issues what's so ever. You did not have to worry about where you are going to sleep, eat, lights, gas or the need to have or attain money to survive all of those issues were your parents’ problem. You had no clue that you need those things to live or to function in this society.

As far as you were concern life is grand no worries when you are an adolescent. Your only issue in life then when you were an adolescent was how your hair looked or the clothes you were wearing thinking that you are looking good to the opposite sex. Well, you may have had a few other issues such as how you were going to go to school and make good grades to keep your parents’ off your back and sometimes the school bully who may or may not be causing you some problems from time to time, but other than that life was pretty good. You just lived and let live was your only concern.

Well, now after your adolescent years have disappeared in a flash and now becoming an adult being responsible for your own choices whether they were good or bad life's trials and tribulations and those decisions you made when you are young are making a big impact on your life.

Remember how you wanted to get to adulthood so fast it could make your own head do a 360 turn; because you wanted to become adult real fast, you could not wait until you became an adult. You thought that you were missing out on so many great and wonderful things in the world to explore. You and your friends believed that your parents' were holding you back from experiencing life. Your parents' didn’t want you to experience those great wonderful things they were experiencing. Your parents' were trying to prevent you from making bad decisions because they have some knowledge about trying to grow up too fast because they did not want you to experience those negative issues of life's trials and tribulations, that they have made when they were young like you are now.

Now that you are an adult how has life changed for you? Do a self-examination on those decisions you have made because you wanted to be an adult really quick. Were they good decisions or were they bad decisions or do you feel pretty good about the decisions you have made, because you have to live with the consequences of your choices? As you sit there reading this article reminiscent a little bit and asked yourself, could I have done better if I had listen to the wisdom of my parents'?

Were my parents' trying to help or hurt me when I was younger? Your parents' were telling you go this way or do that this way or don't do that. In your mind, you were saying I want to experience my own life's trials and tribulations? You know that some of us will have an opportunity to correct or make changes to those decisions when you were young, you are still young enough and still learning to make better choices than you have made in the past, but for others the chance of correcting or changing those early mistake or let's say choices are long in the past and now they are part of your history.

Life's trials and tribulations are part of the growing process of growing up from adolescent to adulthood. You should be learning how to make better choices than you made in the past and still growing to become a better person for our society as a whole. Life's trials and tribulations are a good teacher and a corrector as to how you lived your life. When you are learning those new life experiences and being able to accept that you do not know everything and you are able to pass on life’s trials and tribulations to your kids, grandchildren,and your kids' grandchildren.

Hopefully making better choices from your life experiences you are able pass on examples that your family and friends could maybe possibly use and in turn they could also leave the world that we live a better place for others that come behind us and for those born into this world after we are long gone from this planet. Remember every day you are on this planet you are making your history through your life’s trials and tribulations. What will your history depict how you lived?

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