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Life, you live and you die. In the movie Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins made a pretty good accessement of life while speaking with Morgan Freeman in the prison court yard. Tim Robbins stated I quote "get busy living or get busy dying" regarding life. Morgan Freeman agreed with that statement later on in the movie when he was about to leave the hotel and become a fugitive, Morgan Freeman stated "get busy living or get busy dying, you god dam right". Is this what life is all about, you work 30 and some people work 40 years or more and you retire and then you are suppose to start having fun when we are old and feeble, this is what we call life.

What is life and how do we really live it to its fullest and have something left over at the end to enjoy. Life is what some call a state in which one is born into this world and then enjoying some state of existence up until the time we die and go to the great beyond, where no one really knows what happens, it's all a guess from there. Is this all there is to it about life, do we really enjoy life or do we just endure it. Life is what you make it out to be, and we all have the opportunity to make that decision as to how we are going to live life.

The beginning of life, we may not have had a decision as to how, when or where we begin life, because some are born with that silver or gold spoon in their mouths, and have a leg up on the rest of humanity. While the majority of us are born with no advantage and we had to make do the best of what we were born into and hopefully that was a loving family and that is or was the best start we can have, which is greater and better than all the money in the world.

After living through our teen and teenage years, we can and do have an opportunity to make decision as to how, when and where it will end up, as we proceed through our adult and golden years of life. Your latter teenage and early adult years you can decide where you go to college or where you may begin to work or maybe start your own business. All of these choices you can make and which one will make you happy for years to come, because it will be a long relationship. The choices regarding life and how it turns out good or bad will depend on you and no one else.

Get busy living or get busy dying is what life is all about to the majority of people. We do not know how to begin living, so the only thing we do in life is get busy dying and planning our future accordingly on dying. Hopefully I have given you something to think about, more than just about dying, but that we should also enjoy the other half of this equation and that is to get busy living.

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