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To Lie Or Not To Lie Is That The Question Or Is It The Answer?

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To lie or not to lie, is that the question, or is it the answer? I guess the majority of people will probably say I had to lie because I did not want to get into more trouble than I was already involved in. Then there are others who would probably say that they lied to protect someone or that they believe that they could correct the situation before I got out of control. Then there are others people who would say that the truth would have been more damaging or hurtful, so they lied to protect and be helpful in the long run.

There are many explanations as to why people lied then to tell the truth, but the majority of times lying is to help yourself or try to gain an advantage of some situation where you could not control. Some people would say would is a lie in the first place, because a little white lie really does not really hurt someone or does it? That is the question, what is a lie? A lie is a untrue or false statement.

When you lie you have to make a conscious effort to think about what it was or is, that you are trying to conceal. There was a deliberate act to deceive and mislead people into the wrong conclusions. You put thought and effort into what you were going to say to protect yourself from whatever punishment or outcome you did not want to accept. Some will say that I did not really think about lying and I did not put any effort into what I was saying. It just came out a lie. If you can come up with a lie from the top of your head without thinking, then you are a habitual liar. You have no conscience or scruples at all.

To lie is an ethical or moral decision that we all have to make in every aspect of our daily lives and interactions with people. During your interactions with family, friends and coworkers there will something in that commutation between the two of you that you will have any opportunity lie or be truthful. I believe that all of us growing up as kids have heard our parents say at one time or another to be truthful in every aspects of what we do in our lives. Because if you lie you have to tell another and another and another to cover for the lies you told.

If you are telling so many lies you are going to at some point in time forget what was the first lie you told. Now you are going to live in fear of being caught in a lie, because of the many lies you already told. If you would have been truthful at the beginning you do not have to think of lies, because the truth will set you free. Why the truth will set you free is because the truth it is what it is. You do not have to come up with any lies regarding the truth. When you tell someone the truth the buck stops right there, and there is nothing else to say, because the truth is the truth.

Early I asked the questions, "To Lie Or Not To Lie Is That The Question Or Is It The Answer?" Everyone has to make that decision for themselves and I hope we all find the answer, because the truth is the truth and a lie is a lie with nothing else said.


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