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Law we all have heard this word many many times, law what does it truly means this three letter word, that carries so much power or weight. When the word law is mention, people heads turn to see where the law is at or what is being said about law. If I say the law is coming, what does that mean to you? Does the law come to you? If I say it's the law, what does this statement mean to you? Has the law been changed or modified, or is not in effect? If I say where is the law, what does this statement mean to you? Did the law go somewhere that we have to find the law?

The word the law has different meanings to different people. Everyone has an opinion, as to what the law means to them, but there are a lot of people out there in America, who have ambivalent feelings about law? The law is an inanimate object, it has no feelings, law cannot talk, law cannot walk, law cannot do anything of itself. The law maybe an inanimate object, but is the law lifeless, with no affect or does the law affect you? If the law is an inanimate object, cannot talk, cannot walk, cannot do anything of itself, all of the things I have just mention, then why are people afraid of the law? Let's have a conversation about the law.

Law is rules or set of standard conditions that govern how people should conduct themselves towards each other in society or at home or a game. Law also advise individuals, what is acceptable and not acceptable conduct. Law can be ordinances, rules, standards, from federal, state, city and local principalities.

Law is the will of the people in today's society, in medieval time, the law was the King's or Ruler's will that advised people of what they can and cannot do in certain situations. Today we elect people into office, federal, state, city, or local positions, we give these people power, to legislate as our legislators. When the law(s) are enacted it is for the benefit of society as a whole.

You hear people making the statement that the law is coming, this may be a metaphor, but does the law really come? The law cannot come to you, because the law is an inanimate object, the law is words. The law is stationary, always in effect, the law is about rules, and ordinances. I believe what people are trying to say, when they say the law is coming. They mean that a police officer is en route to that location. Police officers enforce the law.

It is the law. What does this mean, when you hear these words it is the law? What this means is that there are set rules that must be followed. You can identify that rule or law, such as running a red light is against law or rule. We all know that this rule or law exist. Because if you break or not honor this rule or law, and a police officer see you do this, they will issue you a citation, for violating the law. So we know that running a red light is against the law. Also it is the law or set rule.

Also we hear people say, where is the law? The law has not gone anywhere, because the law is stationary, the law cannot move, the law cannot walk, but the law always is in effect. If you break the law or rule, you can come under the authority of the law, and be punished. The law is always there, watching over us metaphorically. I believe that when people say, where is the law, they are referring to where are the police when you need them. Sometimes it does take the police a few minutes to get to your location, but the law is always there.

Let's think about the law for just a moment, the law originates when people or individuals commit bad behavior. So our legislators or individuals in charge enact different law(s) to counter act this bad behavior. I believe that we have enough law(s) on the books now to stop bad behavior, but if there are behavior(s) or bad conduct not seen before, then our legislators will enact new law(s) to halt that bad behavior as well.

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