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Just Another Day

Ah man just another day getting ready to go to sleep between eight and ten oíclock that night. Watch some of your favorite television shows while you are in bed dosing on and off while the television is watching you sleep. As you toss and turn in bed you hear the noise coming from your television that you were watching and now you remember to turn off the television because you have to get up early in the morning to begin another day. Itís just another day.

Toss and turn some more and then you hear that screeching sound come from your alarm clock letting you know that itís time again for just another day. Slowly as you rise out of bed putting your feet on the floor trying to gather yourself for a few moments, before you make it over to the bathroom to begin your daily routine all over again.

Start your morning routine looking for your favorite tooth brush and your favorite tooth paste to make sure you get that good fresh clean and good smelling breath so that you want knock someone out with your breath when you say good morning to some unknown potential suspect. After you have cleaned you teeth you jump into the shower to give your body a good once over cleaning from all of the night sweats, from all the tossing and turning going on in your bed the night before. For some of you that night sweating may have come from all that extra-curricular activity, if you know what I mean.

Now you are up and ready to go after taking your shower and now you have to choose some clothes to wear to work. If you work for an agency that wears uniforms your wardrobe is very limited to that of another uniform again. Now if you are working in an office you may have a little difficulty picking and choosing what to wear to the office. Man that was difficult choosing what to wear to work. You are ready to eat some breakfast; you have to make a big decision as to what to eat for breakfast. You look in the cupboards or on top of the refrigerator for something to going to keep you full until lunchtime. You choose to go and have a cup of coffee and a bagel for breakfast and that is it. What a major decision coffee and a bagel fantastic.

Breakfast is over or you are taking your breakfast with you into the car because itís time to make it to work and you have to get there on time. Do not want to be late because the boss will be watching those who come into the office or building late so that he can write them up for being late to work. While you are on the road off to work you are praying to yourself that there are no traffic accidents on the highway and everyone on the highway is being watchful of the other driver. These days the traffic in California you have to leave your home almost 2 Ĺ to 3 early just to get to work on time and that is when there are no traffic accidents on the highways depending on where you live in the state.

Made it to work and you are doing your job just like any other day same old routine and you are hoping that they are no problems except the ordinary issues that usually present themselves any other day of the week. You go through work, working your eight hours and now itís time to go home getting your mind into the off work mode. You reach your residence 2 Ĺ to 3 hours later just as the day begun. But this time you are at home, eat some dinner and you start preparing yourself all over again for the next day. Why do we do this it is because it is just another day?

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