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JOBS - The economy and employment picture seems to be making some headway and moving forward, businesses are starting to hire more people because business owners believe that good times are here to stay for a while. When I had my business I would only hire when I could forecast six months to one year or more ahead that things are going to be better for my business and that is only when I would hire additional workers. So while the job market seems to be getting better for some people, there are others who believe that the job market is not so rosy because of powers or events or laws that prevent from getting the jobs so they claim reverse discrimination.

First lets define what reverse discrimination is before we jump on the band wagon and agree with their point of view about being discriminated against. Reverse discrimination is a term where the people or members of a group who were the majority and having the advantages of having employment and or getting promoted, who are now on the opposite side where they cannot get a job or promoted because of laws that have help people who were in the minority from anti-discrimination.

In the early days of our nation Caucasians were the majority historically and had all the advantages of the majority group, they received all the benefits of employment and promotions within companies. As time passed our nation had an influx of people of color who were the minority and they wanted to enter into the work place looking for employment opportunities. Because the history of our nation regarding discrimination against minorities, laws were enacted to give these minorities opportunities for employment. Affirmative Action laws were enacted to give minorities an equal opportunity for jobs and promotions in the work place.

Now with the advent of more minorities in the country and the demographic change in some cities or states, the majority which are Caucasians now believe that they are being discriminated against because of the affirmative action laws. They stated that these laws now give the minorities the advantages for employment and promotions. Some are filing reverse discrimination law suits against employers. I do not know what race, color or creed you are, do you feel that you are being affected by either anti-affirmative action laws or reverse discriminations laws?

Do you believe that we have enough JOBS JOBS JOBS in our nation for everyone to have an opportunity to work who wants to work and make a living, raising our families so that we can live happily ever after? I believe that companies have an obligation to hire the best candidates available for positions of employment in their businesses. But when we are competing for employment or promotions in the work place against another each candidate should be giving the same opportunity on a level playing field because this is the American way.

What do you think, do you believe that there are enough jobs for everyone who wants to work? Also think about that the next time you are applying for employment are you playing on a level playing field as the other candidate?


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