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Player Injury

Growing up as kids and getting involved and playing any type of sports the majority of people play the game, because this is what they love to do. It's was not for profit or fame at first, but just the love of the game to see how good you can truly be against others playing the same game. While playing the games you would get injured and you just kept on playing without any hesitation, because you loved to play the game. There was no question that you would keep going playing and finishing the game. You just continue to finish the game because you want others to admire your determination as a finisher and to know that you are not a quitter and that you tuff things out until the end.

Injuries are why the majority of athlete's careers come to a screeching halt. Everyone who has played any sports know that injuries are part of the game. Injuries happen if you are playing for free or playing the game for millions of dollars its part of the risks people take to have fun. Growing up as kids people dream of playing professional sports, not for the money, but for the respect associated with playing professionally.

Professional sports have become so huge, because of the involvement of big business, and these companies and or corporations are paying players huge sums of money to play a game that some would have played the game for free. Sports have become major entertained venues for the masses of people and people are willing to pay big dollar amounts to be entertained and to watch people who they believe to be experts at their craft kick, throw, shoot, run, hit, fight, skate, ride, pass, catch better than most people on the planet. When you are getting paid to play professional you are considered one of the best of the all best as your profession.

When you are one of the best in the world people consider and assume that you will always give a great performance every time you are performing. People would not consider or expect anything less from you as a professional. Sometimes athletes get or are injured during a game or practice and have to try and get ready for the next day or next week performance.

If you are injured more than likely that injury will most likely affect your ability to perform at a high level expect of you from your public or fans. You are not going to be at your very best and the public is going to get a second rate performance. As a professional is it your duty or obligation to inform the audience who are paying huge amounts of money to see or watch you perform about the injury you sustained and that this injury more than likely is going to affect your performance.

Should the audience be informed about the injury before you take their money. Giving the audience and opportunity not to pay or get a refund for that particular performance. The general public pays huge sums of money to your organization or company or to you personally to watch you supposedly perform at your very best.

As an professional athlete your body is your work product that you must maintain at supreme condition if you run, jump, skate, kick, throw, fight, catch or hit for a living. Your physical body parts are valuable to the organization and the public that pays your salary. Your knees, shoulders, arms, legs, eye sight and all muscles groups must be condition for the pounding that your total body will endure and also you should have excellent eye sight coordination for the sport you play.

As an athlete the majority I believe wants to give the public the best possible showing that they can put together for that particular performance. If you are not healthy and you are at 3/4 strength or at 1/2 strength no one wants to watch any athlete that is not at full strength it takes away from the performance. Who wants to see a athlete hobbling up and down just for the sake of getting paid, and providing the audience with at terrible performance. Why not wait until you are healthy and provide the audience with your best performance with no excuses of an injury.

That why it is so important for an organization or athlete involved in any professional sports to provide the public with an injury report prior to the game or performance. These advance injury notices informs the public or attending audience that they may not get the best possible performance that their hard earn money is paying to watch and see. Advance injury notices allows the audience or public the opportunity to not attend and have an opportunity to chose some other type of entertainment for their hard earned money.

Some sports or entertainment shows must go on despite the fact that some of the top athletes involved may be injured and not participate. If you are aware that the top athletes may not participate in the performances or event and you still want to attend the event, then buyer beware you could be in for a terrible show, but you were warned. Then you have no recourse of action against the organization or athlete.

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