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Information, Information, Information that's all we here these days, it's become a broken record of sorts. Information today, is still the same as it has been some 30 years ago. The difference from today in relations to 30 years ago, is how information is being disseminated. Thirty years ago information was disseminated, manually through snail mail, dictionaries, encyclopedias, some computers as well. Information was not readily available, accessible, transferred quickly to people who needed it the most. Now information travels so fast, almost at the speed of light, using the internet, people send, receive, communicate information with one another, there are very little or no delays in getting information. Information travels around the world, is translated into many different languages in a manner of seconds, not hours, or days.

Information is about receiving facts, about a given or particular issue. Information is about reading, studying something to get the facts or information, to make you more informed. But information has become, more valuable, because of the way it is being disseminated around the globe, through the internet. The internet's main objected is to provided information to the end user. Information is knowledge.

The internet has provided the speed, in which information has been disseminated, making information more valuable, than at any time in our history of providing and sending information. People getting information, faster or quicker than in the past, has allowed, people to discuss, brainstorm, build, create, and finish projects much sooner than in the past. Also products that could have taken, months or years are put into the market place at a faster rate, because information is transferred and provided.

Information has become so valuable, that companies are being paid millions to billions of dollars for websites that provide or save information. Information has been around for many, many years, why was information not as valuable in the past, it was the same information. The libraries, dictionary or encyclopedia, have been around providing the same information, for everyone to see and use. Where was the value for these items? You have Wikipedia website, which provides information, why is it worth hundreds of millions or billions of dollars.

Information is being accessed, being provided, and changing faster every day, there is something new to learn. There is a saying, that goes like this; "everyday that you do not learn something different, you are falling behind". So do not get left or fall behind, because information is pushing us faster into the future of the unknown. Information will help us stay the course, because information is learning or finding out something or facts. So let's stay ahead.

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