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How to become poor is a never ending battle with ourselves everyday of the week, month and year. To become poor is really an easy thing to do if you think about, it is just the opposite of becoming rich. To become poor does require work and no work to achieve your goal. That's the irony of becoming poor is does require work, sounds strange doesn't it, well that the truth of the matter. Let's think about some of things we need to become poor. For one we need is a lazy attitude about working. Two you need not to save any money, and the third thing is that you need to spend all of our money on foolish things that have no value to help you achieve your goal of being poor.

Lets'start with being lazy and not willing to work. As I stated you do not want to work you have a aversion to the whole concept of work. You sleep all day long and start getting out of bed when the day is already over with. You do everything possible not to get a job to provide for yourself, such as not preparing for a career or profession while in school. While in high school you did not pay attention to the teachers lectures and you did not read the books that would have provide you with knowledge about how things work. That word work is the thing you wanted no parts of at all. When your parents told you to do certain chores around the house, you did the less possible work to get the job done or you always tried to find a short cut to get things done, because of your lazy attitude and this is the beginning of how to become poor.

You have no or terrible work ethics. When you begin to build bad habits it gets into your character and it becomes part of you. So when you interact with people, they can see that type of attitude in you by the way you talk, walk and act. All bad signs, but they are great traits for becoming poor. Not saving any money at all, and it's just not saving money for retirement. Its saving money to get you through the day, week and month. A lot of people will spend every dime or every penny of their pay checks. Just because they have money they feel that they need to spend that money on something. It is as if the money is burning a hole in their pockets, that's how fast the money is leaving them. Spending money so fast that you are not thinking of the raining day and those raining days seem to always come when you least expect them to come. You need to put aside something so at the end of the, I was going to say month, but a lot of you cannot get past the day. Lets' start with saving something at the end of the day, save at least $.50 if you can. It's not a lot money but it's something to get you started thinking about the process of not spending every penny of your hard earned money. Not saving is another great way that will lead you to the poor house.

Spending all of your money on things that have no value at all. The first thing everyone does when they get money is to buy a brand new car, new clothes, and furniture for the house. This things I know people want because it makes them feel good, but it is how you bought these things that can lead you to the poor house. The majority of people who go out on an impulse buying spree use their credit to purchase these items and this is not good.

If you use your credit to purchase these items, you will be paying for them five to ten years from now and this is what will lead most people into bankruptcy, because of too much debt. You will still paying for items that have long been throwing away in the trash and a car you may or may not have which had lost its value the day you drove the vehicle off of the dealers parking lot. I know that no one wants to become poor, but it's those bad decision you make that lead many into this place of becoming poor, so start working, saving and less spending and then maybe you can avoid the poor house.

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