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To become a Registered Nurse it takes hard work and many years of education. First, you have to finish high school and have a better than average grade point average to advance further towards your goal of becoming a doctor. After high school, you will apply to attend different universities or colleges and hopefully get an opportunity to further your studies at the university or college towards your goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. At the university or college level your first couple of years, you will be taking general education studies, such as English, math, history etc., etc.,. After your general education classes are completed then you will start to focus on your advanced studies towards nursing care, and how to become a registered nurse, getting your Registered Nursing degree.

Your final two years of college, you will focus more on you advanced studies, which will include courses, geared more toward being a nurse in the field. You will study body functions, patient care, anatomy and physiology, etiology, histology, pathology and many other related conditions that are related to the human body. You will learn nursing diagnosis, which are different than a doctor's medical diagnosis. Nursing diagnosis is related to patient care, how to take care of the patients' well-being, while they are in the hospital. Medical diagnosis has to do with, diagnosing the patients' disease process, formulating treatment for the disease or medical issue, which brought the patient to the hospital.

Your objected as a nursing student is to focus on patient care and well being. You will be completing your nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning and implementation all related to nursing actions. Every patient that you come in contact with while you are doing your hospital rotations is an opportunity for you to assess the patients' physical condition.

That initial patient assessment is to get the patients' history to determine their health status and try to identify other possible problems related to the patients' history that may have cause them to come to the hospital as well.

Your nursing diagnosis will be related to possible or potential problems, finding resolutions for the patient. Nursing diagnosis will determine potential health issues. You will implement a plan of care to help the patient to focus on some of the patients' bad habits that got them to the hospital. Also giving the patient some other ideas that can help them lead to better health.

In your nursing career, your job will be to assess every medical problem related to the patient's medical diagnosis, giving to that patient from their doctor. You will use the physician medical diagnosis to assess, plan and implement a step by step nursing plan so that this patient can recover and get healthy as soon as possible.

Nursing is a people related industry because you will always be with the patients, also physical contact with patients daily. Your job during the patient's stay, is patients care, patient well-being. If you do not want any patient contact, then this field of nursing is not for you, because your whole job description is nursing care and that is all going to have you in contact with patients daily.

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