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Why do people want to become Police officers is it when you were younger and you played cops and robbers with your sister and brothers or friends. Maybe you watched cowboy movies saw guys in the big whites always get the bad guy and this is what made you think that someday I will be a Police officer. If not that then maybe you watched all those super heroes and you thought being on the side of good against evil this is where you belong, with the good guys putting bad guys in jail. You got satisfaction from being on the winning side of good always beating evil. Whatever made you think about becoming an officer of the law, could that something be ingrained in your DNA, because you hear people say all the time, that this or that person was born to be a Police officer or to server the people and their community in some capacity.

The question is how do you become a Police officer? Becoming a Police officer can happening in a few ways, for one you have to be at less 20 1/2 years of age at the time you can apply for the position as a Police officer trainee. You have to graduate from high school or have a GED certificate. GED actually stands for (General Education Development) which is a process thereby you earning the certificate to get your GED certificate. If you meet the first two requirements then you are able to fill out an application where you will have an opportunity to take the entrance exam. You need a passing score of 70% on the written exam to continue forward. If you were successful in passing the written exam you will be moving forward into the physical agility exam and possible the background investigation and it all depends on the policing agency you are applying for. Each agency has their own way of issuing the physical first or the background investigation first to determine if you are eligible to move forward. At this point most police agency are trying to not spend much money on candidates because is cost a lot of money issuing all these investigations and exams. Personnel costs and paper work can add up to thousands of dollars per candidate. Most agency will give you the background application if you passed the written exam to get you started because the background application is 20 pages or more.

On the application they want to know everything about you and your family, credit history, employment status, job references, neighbors, unemployment status, do you drink, take drugs and so forth. So be prepare to answer everything as completely as you possible can, because they will check everything. Now if you leave something out and they find it, they may disqualify you from going any further in the process, because they feel you were not being truthful.

While you are going through the background application process, you need to start or have began physical training, such as running 1.5 miles in 12 to 14 minutes, pushups, sit ups and climbing over a six foot wall. Now the majority of agency do the same type of physical testing, because of State of California have set standards that every potential candidate must pass. Those standards fall under the (Police Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T). Becoming a Police officer the average time to get through the process can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete the process, so don't be in a hurry, because you are going to get frustrated by the long process.

Some tips at trying to become a Police officer, pay all of your bills on time, make sure you have good credit, do commit the same mistake more than 2 times, one time is bad enough, but two times committing the same offense could be grounds for dismissal. They would interpret that as you have not learned your lesson. Ex. If you have gotten a parking ticket, yes you have to report you got parking tickets before, because they can check. You paid the ticket, but for some reason you have gotten another parking ticket, they would consider this as not learning your lessons and this could prevent you from moving forward. Learn your lesson the first time and try as hard as you can not to repeat an error. One more thing I strongly suggests is that you pay your bills on time, it does not matter what type of bill it is. Water, gas, electricity and rent these things Police agencies want to make sure you are up to date every month and not showing that have some type of financial hardship. Great profession, good luck.

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