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Who wants to become a medical doctor or physician? To become a doctor it takes hard work and many years of education. First you have to finish high school and have a better than average grade point average to advance further towards your goal of becoming a doctor. After high school you will apply to attend different universities or colleges and hopefully get an opportunity further your studies there towards your goal of becoming a doctor. At the university or college level your first two years you will be taking general education studies. After your general education classes are completed then you will start to focus on your advance studies towards your completing your degree.

When you have completed all of your undergraduate studies and attain your degree, then you will have to prepare yourself to take the medical entries exam to get into a medical school. Getting into medical school is very completive so study hard to get the best possible score on that medical school exam. Now that you have taken the medical school exam and you are accepted into a medical school hopefully of your choice, this is where the hard begins at becoming an doctor or physician.

Now you are in medical school with others who are your peers, you'll be learning all of the advance technologies such as anatomy and physiology, etiology, histology, pathology and many other related conditions that are related to the human body. You will be in medical school four years learning all sorts of amazing things. So prepare yourself for the rigors of medical school. Many people begin the process at becoming a doctor, but few will make it to end.

After finishing these four years and completing medical school, you still have one more hurdle to finish and that is taking your final exam at getting your medical license to become a official medical practitioner. Some may stop right here and become a general physician having an advance knowledge of the body but not specializing in one particular area. While others may want to continue further their understanding of the body and specialize in different areas of the body such as cardiac disorders, respiratory disorders, hematologic disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and many others areas of the body.

Now that you have completed all of your studies at becoming a doctor or physician now you can exhale your are a medical doctor. What is it really like to being a professional doctor? Being a doctor is just being yourself and relating to your patients on a human level. Knowing about all the disease processes in the world is great, but being yourself it is what your patient are going to admire the most.


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