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Homeless in America is it by choice or is it by circumstances beyond your control that has led you into this ill gotten situation. I do not believe people grow up with a yearning to be homeless, but what is it that so many has fallen into this situation. Everyone that was conceive has an opportunity to achieve something special in their life. If and when you were born and there are no medical issues causing mental problems during your birth you have the chance to conquer the world and maybe the entire universe. That is our potential from that very moment you were born, you could become anything that your mind could conceive you could possible achieve that goal. Growing up as kids the majority would mimic certain professions and home while playing games at home. You would play or mimic roles of being a doctor, lawyer, nurse, firefighter or a police officer.

These were the aspirations as kids looking forward to someday becoming someone and making our parents proud. As you progressed through high school those aspirations were something you still believe you could achieve right. While you were in high school were there underlining family issues or problems at home that started the process for you to begin making bad decisions, and led you down the road towards being homeless. Many claim that they came from this type of broken home, where father and mother or both alcoholics and their parents were abusive to them and doing all sorts of unnatural things to them and their entire family. Abusive family conditions are very difficult to overcome, and I do not wish that on anyone period. If you are from a abusive family does that give you an opportunity to make excuses and give up an make bad decisions that would lead you to become homeless. Or do you fight hard to overcome that situation and show your parents you can become a better person than they are.

Others have claimed that because their family were poor that they had no choice but to leave school before they had an chance to graduate and make a living for their family and this decisions have made life very difficult for them and this is a reason that they are homeless or is a good possibility that they could become homeless. Then you have others that will claim that when they were in elementary and high school that they did not have the books for reading and learning and the teachers did not cared if they achieved or failed. Schools are there to help you learn and prepare you as much as possible to get ready for life outside the family structure. It is your parents that have the major obligation to instill in you good study and working habits while you are under their household. The schools are your parents help mate in the process of molding you to become a person who could give something to society.

While you are in high school and before you graduate your parents should have sat you down and develop a plan of action for you to follow before you graduate high school. Because the majority of teenagers do not have a clue as to what profession that they will try to achieve. So with a plan of action you will have a better chance at succeeding and getting where you are trying to go, than without a plan that has led to many failures of young people leading to being homeless. Too many of us have wanted to grow up so fast, because we did not want to be teenagers have missed some very important lessons that could have prevented you from terrible decisions which may have cause your demise and that why many are homeless today. So if you are young and reading this slow down, because you will have many more years at being old and wishing you can have those days back. When those days are gone, youcannot get them back they are gone forever.

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