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Health, you hear almost everyone these days, talking about how they are trying to maintain their health or I'm going to get healthy this year. Do you know what health mean? Different people have different meanings or understandings as to what health is or may be. When do you know that you are in good health. If you are in good health, how do you maintain health. If you are not in good health, what steps are needed, to get you to good health. These are the many questions, people asked, their doctors, family, friends about their health. Let's try an, answer some of these questions.

Health, is probably more, your state of mind, as to how you feel about yourself in general. Do you feel good about yourself, the way you look, smell, breath, walk, talk, hair, and dress. Health has to do with, how you feel daily, your whole body as one unit or holistically. Health the condition of the whole body, getting your body, mind working together holistically.

Attaining health, you have to treat your body with respect, what I mean respect is that you have to high esteem, value for your own body. When your body feels tired, you get your body the proper rests it needs, to function at top condition. Eat the correct foods, that will give you the fuel, energy, nutrition and vitamins to maintain health. Exercise helps you decrease control your waist line, if you are having a battle with your mid-line. Also exercise helps combat, health disease issues, improve the way you feel mentally, gives you more energy, so you have more get up and go, decrease your heart's work load, to prevent you from the possibility of having heart trouble. Attaining health is a work in process every day, you cannot rest on your laurels, thinking that you can attain health.

Health has different meaning to different people, because someone may look well, strong on the outside, does not mean they are in good health. They could have some mental issues or conditions, which you cannot determine, just from looking at them. Looks can be deceiving, so you have to verify, that someone is healthy or not. What I mean to verify, you have to asked that person the question, are you feeling well. Depending on their response, you will know if they are in good health. Then there are people, you can determine, that they have some issues, if they are talking to themselves, acting weird, looking un-kept, you will have a inkling of their condition. Sometimes the conditions change, a person looks un-kept, but they are in total control of all their mental faculties, and have full capacity. So do not assume health issues, verify everything.

If you are not in good physical health, you need to see your doctor, to determine what are the conditions, that are causing you to not be in good physical health. If the conditions has to do with, weight gain, being tired all the time, then there are certain things, that can be recommended to get you back into health. There are a couple of things you can do, you could watch your food caloric intake. Do exercise, such as walking, or jogging, sit-ups, lift some weights, to get you into better physical condition. If you have mental issues, then you need to see your psychiatrist or mental health profession to help you with those mental issues, to get you back to holistic mental health.

Health sometimes is fleeting, there is a saying about health, "you are as healthy as you feel". This is probably the most complete statement or fact, about health. This statement says, that if your mind believes, that you are in good health, then you are in good health.

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