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Well here we go again another celebrity getting pregnant without being married, is this the in thing or is this still a big gigantic taboo amongst Christian people only or society as a whole? Now it is like every other day we have someone announcing that they are having a baby without being married and all of the media people rush over and give this person praises like they have done some great thing for the planet earth. What happen when someone became pregnant and their parents' were mortify, about being label bad parents because their child has done the ultimate bad thing of being pregnant. There was no praising or giving honor to this daughter or son for bring shame on the entire family, there was disgust, shame and great disappoint from the entire family for what has transpired in the family and sometimes the entire neighborhood.

The parents of the pregnant women would be trying to get their daughters out of town as quickly as possible because their daughter is pregnant which is a great dis-honorable taboo still in some societies. Now in this environment when a woman announces that she is with child and not married to the child's father this women and or father and family want to give her praises about this pregnancy and start planning baby showers for the unwed expected mother. I do not know how do you honor an unwed pregnant woman when we say that we are a Christian nation. Oh yea I forgot at other times we are a liberal nation when it comes to taboo issues of having children outside of marriage.

Our nation the United States of America we accept everyone from different countries and backgrounds and we try not to discriminate against people that are different from us. We say that we are a Christian nation and we live by the rule of law or we are governed by rules of law not only man-made law, but by the rule of law from the lord above who we claim to believe in. Sometimes I think that we only believe in the lord and his commandments when we are in trouble and despair we want to call on the lord for help.

Women being pregnant or having children outside of the marriage law, is this not one of those times that brings despair and shame to the family and fabric of a nation as a whole. This kind of behavior shames the entire foundation that our nation was built on generation ago. There are so many women having children without being married, people believe that this is acceptable behavior for our society. Not only that people are giving praises to these women when they become pregnant without being married. You give praises to these women when you attend their celebration of a baby shower in honor of her being pregnant.

We claim that we are Christian people/nation and we look to and love the lord with all our hearts and minds, but we dishonor him and ourselves everyday when we start praising these women when they become pregnant outside the marriage foundation. Hopefully, we are teaching are children to become good people and to make good decisions in life and to honor their good name because the lord did say that a good name is better than all the riches in the world.

Having children without being married is one of the many reasons that our nation is in a sorry state of affairs, because we can give honor to all of the wrong things like being pregnant without being married and throw out all of the good things that can up lift our nation or country and make it even a better place to live. Yahoo.com had a front page sub-article about a particular singing superstar that they mention on June 26, 2010 article headlined: This SUPERSTAR MOM-TO-BE SHOWS OFF BABY BUMP. Need I say more, as to how we as a nation can rejoice in this young women having a baby outside of married, we are so happy for her that we want to put this on the front page of websites and magazines covers make it headline news for all the world to see, our state of affairs as a nation.

We get excite for this kind of behavior, this person should have been in regret and shame, about what has transpired in her life, but she is so happy to show everyone this bump and she wants us all to feel happy for her, because she has become pregnant without a husband, not only her, but the hundreds or thousands of others women who have done the same thing that she is doing.

They want us to feel proud and excited for these women who become pregnant without being married. Well, I can't be proud for her or any other women that participate in this type of behavior, because I believe that this is a shameful and must be stopped, before we lose all of our youths to having children outside of marriage, because some celebrity did it and our youth followed their bad behavior. We need to start teaching our youths right now, that this kind of behavior does not and should not get any special praises or billing from the media or public.

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