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Get rich or die after you have spent all of the money. Or, get rich or die after you have made all of the money. Those ideas sound a lot better than the alternative of dying because you tried to earn money. No one wants to die, but it is in the cards for all of us who are living, that we are head down that path to the grave. But you might as well have some fun while you are here living on earth today.

I heard the statement from a well-known rapper who stated: "get rich or die trying". Do you really want to try and get rich and then have a fifty-fifty chance of making it or on the other hand if you failed to get rich there is a chance you would die because of your effort or lack of effort of getting rich?

I know some of you are saying right now that statement was made in jest, because if there was a chance of dying if you did not get rich you would not try in the first place. Well, some people on the other side of that coin may say, he was not kidding, because they believe that if they did not get rich it was worth dying for, because of the situations that they lived in was not worth living for anyway.

So should we all strive to become rich? Or should we all strive to live a normal life as possible? What is a normal life? Is it growing up in a hopefully a stable family where your parents can nourish all of your hopes and dreams, such as going to elementary school and graduating all the way through college? Then after college get a job that pays a living wage, find your chosen soul mate, purchasing a home and having kids. Is life about being comfortable and happy, as to get rich or die trying?

Maybe we are all just cowards of the unknown? We feel that being comfortable and knowing what is ahead is so much easier than the unknown of not knowing what is ahead and that is probably what makes us afraid of trying to get rich? Getting rich or making a lot of money seems so simple. The saying is that if you work hard and what you do is legal you should be able to make a very good living right and maybe get rich as well.

Getting rich you are going to put in long hours and maybe work 7 days a week and your mind is going to be working 24 hours a day on your business or endeavor. The work may not be hard depending on what type of work it is, but you will be putting in long mental hours 24hrs a day.

Get rich or die trying or get rich or die after you have made all of the money, it is your choice. But whatever you do in life make sure it is something you like and happy doing.

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