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Fat versus skinny this has been a debate, a fight of major dimension for many many generations. Our American society has been fighting this fight fat versus skinny and who has won the battle. Or should I say who has won the war, because there has been many battles and the war rages on. The battles of fat versus skinny will continue as long as people receive their perception as to what is consider fat or skinny from the perception of media and magazines. There are many people who would prefer fat and there are many people are going to prefer skinny and who are the winners in this war of fat versus skinny. Should our society leave this debate to each person as to how they feel about what is consider fat and what is consider skinny.

The problems with fat versus skinny is what we consider fat and what we consider skinny is our perception that we receive through media such as television, magazines, newspapers and now internet telling us that fat is consider ugly, not beautiful and unhealthy. Skinny is consider pretty, beautiful and healthy.

Our society has been brainwashed through these medias advertisements, that skinny is in, fat is out and skinny is consider to be beautiful and healthy. When our society is being bombarded with what skinny should look like over many years that perception gets embedded into our mental acumen. We start to believe that this is the truth and this is the way things should be, skinny is beautiful and healthy.

Media always displays fat in a format as being ugly, nasty and unhealthy this perception also is embedded into our brains or minds. When our perception gets or has been molded and twisted into believing that fat is not good and skinny is what you should achieve, it is very hard to change or turn around to believing something different about fat versus skinny.

Skinny is being a person or a body part that is very thin. Our society believes that skinny is what all girls should stride for and skinny is known as being perfect or perfection to achieve. Fat is being a person or some animal that posses large amounts of excess fat on the body or around body organs. In Hollywood there is a perception that if you are a female weighing over 100lbs you are consider fat.

In this society people are harsh when it comes to their perception as to what people should or should not be, whether that is being fat or whether that is being skinny. Listening to the media's perception of fat versus skinny have people making, committing and doing the unthinkable to their bodies to become what society wants you to be, instead of being yourself a human being. As to whether someone is fat versus skinny, pretty, ugly, healthy or unhealthy is a subjective to that person who is making that decision or observation.

The good Lord has given everyone of us two eyes to see with. With these two eyes we should be able to determine for ourselves what is consider to be fat and what is consider to be skinny. We also should be able to determine if fat is beautiful or ugly and also determine if skinny is beautiful or ugly for ourselves.

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