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A parents' greatest fears when you were conceive and developing in the womb was that they have a healthy developing , and happy baby at birth. After nine months of gestation and your mother enduring excruciating labor pains, and you were finally on your way through the birth canal into this world, your parents' held their breath. There was a palpable silence in the labor room until the doctor said these magical words, you have a healthy baby daughter or son. When the doctor finished saying those words a great sigh of relief blasted through the labor room into great excitement and joy.

The majority of babies being born into this world start out being born healthy, and then there are other babies being born with some type of medical issue or disease. The babies that are born into this world with medical issues or diseases some are healed or cured of their medical issues and do not require long term medical treatment. But then there are other babies who are not as lucky or healed or cured of their medical issues or diseases and they will require long term medical care and that medical care has to come from doctors, nurses and the parents, family members all giving their assistance for the rest of that persons' life. Disable will you help?

Other people are not born with medical issues or conditions at birth, but somewhere along in life they developed a major medical condition or issues that requires total 100% care. Total care is providing all of the persons activity of daily living. Such as; feeding, dressing, bathing, going to the bathroom or restroom to urinate or have a bowel movement and cleaning up for your family member. As I stated early some family members are born with medical issues and others have recently become disable. Disable will you help?

When someone is born with or has become disable, a lot of people will the majority of the time say I will provide assistance it they need help with their activities of daily living. In the heat of the moment, people give lip service about how they will take care of a love one if they were ever 100% percent disable and could not take care of their own activities of daily living.

Taking care of someone's activity of daily living is not a easy task, especially if you have other daily commitments of your own. The majority of people have to work for a living and that requires leaving your home to travel to and fro from work five days a week and sometimes working six days just to make enough money to survive for the month. Disable will you help?

If you are working five to six days a week just to survive for your own activities of daily living, and you have a love one who needs total care for their activities of daily living how do you manage such a task. Most of us are not born into a rich family or just became millionaires with a lot of money to pay for our own activities of daily living, let along providing for someone's else's expenses and providing daily medical care. Disable will you help?

Life is very real sometimes you are dealt a hand that you have to make decisions to take care of your own family activities of daily living or a love one who needs your assistance for their activities of daily living. Which love one gets your immediate attention and the other may go without assistance?

Some family members do not want to be around sickness or hate the fact that they have to give anyone some assistance in doing someone's else's cleaning, washing, feeding and especially smelling others bowel movement. Do you hold that against them, because they choose not to provide assistance even if it's their own family member. Disable will you help?

Families and marriages are torn apart, because someone is or has become 100% percent disable. Who is obligated to provide care for your love one who is 100% percent disable?. Is it your obligation or is it the governments obligation to provide 100% percent assistance if and when families decide that they cannot or just that they will not provide assistance and walk away. People talk the talk, but can they truly walk the walk when the chips are down and a family member has become 100% percent disable.

Disable will you help, is a major issue in America today, because of the high costs of medical care and family members providing the care when they do not have the necessary financial wherewithal to stay afloat themselves. Keep your head up.

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