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Death the boogie man's word, no one wants to hear, let alone see it coming, because in our minds it means finality, over, no more, that no one wants to believe, but it's a certainty all of us will have a meeting with death, it's either now or it's in our future. Death there is no way to avoid it, or get out of meeting it. Death causes the majority in the world apprehension, because we do not really understand it, or we do not want to believe it, we want to believe that there is some other place or planet that we can go and continue living after death.

If we can believe that there is someother place to live then we can almost accept death, because we think that this is not the end, it's only the beginning on some other place or planet. Star Trek the television show, made into a movie, Captain Kirk always spoke of searching for the final frontier looking for something beyond our existence, hear on earth. Is death our final frontier on earth, it may be or it may be not, because as humans went have hope in something beyond our presence hear on earth.

What is death, that has everyone so spooked? Death is the end of life or the existence of a living organism. Death also is the final or permanent sensation of life of a living organism. This is what death is define as, cannot get more final then those two assessments of what death is. Now that we have a little understanding of what death is, does this subside our fear a little bit, that we know that death, it is a final or permanent sensation of life on this planet earth, but it did not mention or say anything, about a possibility of living on another planet.

I think we confuse the difference between what death is and what fear is. These two words are very different, but we somehow combine the two and believe that they are one in the same, but they are not, they are different for sure. We know what death is, as we have read above, but what is fear? Fear is to worry and or be afraid of something. Fear is also to expect something bad or not pleasant to happen. Now death is something that we all are going to meet with as we age throughout our lives, because no one lives forever. Death is something we can expect to happen, so what is the fear of death if we have a understanding of what it is.

Now unexpected death is something altogether different, so having fear of a untimely death is something, people do have fear of. Then people have to look at their life styles to determine, are they putting their lives at risk, taking unnecessary chances or risks, that could lead to a untimely death. Death is something that every family in the world should have a plan and prepare for this ultimately happening. You should put aside money for burial and funeral costs to bury a love one. Also you should have a legal will, so you can determine how your financial and property assists would be divide up among your family members and or others if you wish to leave something to someone beside your family members. Without a will your property will go into probate and the courts will have power over your assets and the state will get some of that money when your assets are sold and settled.

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