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Your graduation day arrives and your entire family is so happy for you, because you have made it through and finished high school. You feel like you been going to school for all of your life. You have been in school for some thirteen to fifteen years and now the end is here and you have no clue as to what you will do for your future. You were just sick and tired of going to school and as for the future, you did not want to be bother with future plans or doing anything else. You feel like you deserve some rest and relaxation and this is the only thing you wanted in your future rest and no more books or school.

After graduation, as everything begins to settle down as the graduation euphoria wears off, news begins to trickle in a few weeks later, you hear that some of your classmates and friends were making life decisions regarding their immediate futures. Some of your previous classmates and friends were leaving for different colleges throughout the country and others friends were getting jobs and started working for a living and you were still undecided about what you wanted to do for your future. School was not an option, so the only other decision you were faced with was to get a job and start working for a living. Without much or any skills at any profession and lack of job experience you find and take the first job offer presented, begin working for minimum wages.

You are excited, about attaining a job and the pay was not too much a concern at this point in your life, getting the job was all that mattered. Start making some money and you are living off those earning, and before you know it, four years have come and gone in a flash. Now you may have an apartment, car payment, telephone bills, credit cards bills, the usual light, gas and electric bill payments to pay. All of these expenses you have to pay from your pay check which is weekly or bi-weekly earnings and you notice that you have more month than you have money after you make your payments for bills. You want to get a promotion, but you do not have the experience or the education. You want to get another job, but you do not have a college degree, because of your decision not go to college after high school. So you are between a rock and a hard place, not making enough money to live on any more and not enough education to advance into a better paying job.

Four years have passed and it seems as if it were yesterday, but no, four years are gone in the wind and you cannot get those years back to restart and live all over again, because now you may make a totally different decision and go to college and attain your college degree. Not only that, you start hearing news of your ex-classmates, have been returning home with their college degrees, and getting high paying employment opportunities. All of those if I should've and if I could've went to college things would have been different, cannot go back and change the past, you have to look forward to the future.

If you believe you need to make a change in your life for the better, start where you are at and begin at once, because time waits for no man. Four years from now, is on its way, whether you begin your college education or you do nothing and remain in the same situation you have been in the past years. Remember your future is now, where you stand today, so make the best of it right now.


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