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Cat, why people are so fascinated with this four-legged feline name or called a cat? What is a cat good for anyway? What does a cat do that makes people feel like they have to have a cat? Is a cat man or woman's best friend? I thought that a dog is a man's best friend that's what the cliche' states, that a "dog is a man's best friend". I know that you cat lovers may not want to hear that, but a cat is not a man's best friend right or wrong? Then let's talk about what a cat is or is not.

Let's define what a cat is. A cat is a little miniature carnivore four leg animal made much like its big feline cousins such as the lion and tiger. Cat has fur, claws, tail and a short snout. A Cat is just like their much bigger cousin's lion and tiger which are flesh-eating mammals along with dogs, foxes, and bears.

What is a cat good for anyway is it that people believe that owning a cat provides them companionship, just as they would own a pet dog? A cat is something you can talk to and help relieve your stress, allow you to pick it up and cuddle with for emotional security when you feel you are lonely and insecure.

Some people believe that a cat cannot be a man or woman's best friend is because a cat is not totally domesticated like a pet dog. But a cat is territorial just like a dog and they are ferociously protected of their given space. Those cat claws can do much damage to your face and arms.

A cat has a keen sense of hearing long distance amongst their other counterparts who are flesh-eating mammals. With this keen sense of hearing, a cat can hear their prey in a distance. A Cat can then stalk their prey with stealth like precision and wait patiently and then pounce on its prey. Cat has good night vision and they are easily housebroken much much faster than their counterpart dogs.

A cat does not require that you look after them too much. Help them with some basic needs and a cat is good to go. When the cat needs attention it will come around to you and start purring a bit to get your attention. One of the most important things about owning a cat is that the cat is very low maintenance.

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